Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Day Trip to Rudesheim, Germany

Spring is in the air! Saturday we were blessed with a sunny and crisp day so we packed the diaper bag and ventured to a nearby city ... Rudesheim am Rhein, Germany. Rudesheim is nestled along the bank of the Rhein River in one the best wine-growing areas in Germany, growing mainly Reisling grapes (one of my fav's!) ... I can only imagine how beautiful it is in when the grapes are in season! Al and I thought the town was very "Harry Potter" and decided another trip is in order during the wine season. It feels so good to be venturing out again ...

... a peek down one of the streets. Most of the shops and restaurants are nestled amongst romantic little alleys.

First things first ... we needed to eat. I ordered the local specialty, Rudesheimer Coffee ... I had no idea what I was getting into! I went to the restroom and when I came back to our table there was a tray set up next to my seat. The waiter came over and proceeded to make my coffee ... it was quite the process. The ingredients ... hot coffee, 3 sugar cubes, Asbach liqueur, whipped cream, vanilla sugar, and chocolate shaving ... ummm ... liqueur at 11am, um OK! Ha!

Mmmmmm ...

more Mmmmmm!

They even had a little play area near the table ... thank goodness, because Kelty had no interest in eating.

After lunch we continued our stroll ... I thought this was a beautiful sign.

... awesome
Kelty watched a few trains go by ...

... there's daddy!

... we asked Kelty to take a picture of mommy and daddy by the river and this is what he took! Way to go buddy!


  1. What a fun little trip! That coffee looks absolutely delish!!

  2. HI! Stopping by from Friday Follow to say Hello!
    I want to come back and read more & am now following you.
    Please stop by and say Hi!

  3. I happened to find your blog thru another. I was instantly excited since we moved from Germany just 1 year ago and we loved it there. We really miss it! Then as I looked thru your pages I saw a post about the KMCC. We were there when they started it and then left before they finished, so we did not get to enjoy it. Hopefully we can hop in to RAB sometime soon and browse all the shopping. I am so excited to be able to "see" Germany in your blogging!! I will be following your page!
    Jenn Price

  4. Wow, that sounds like a good time! We're hoping one day we will get orders to Germany. We'd really like to travel overseas too!


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