Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monogram Frame and Messages In A Bottle

Our mantel was in desperate need of a re-do ... it's a hard mantel to decorate as it is! The mantel stands out about 3-feet from our living room wall and is the general shape of a triangle with squared-off edges ... I know, right!

Inspired by Amanda over at Imperfectly Beautiful and her "Knockoff Monogram", I decided on a bold "Initial Frame" (yes, I know it's not really a monogram). It needed to be big in order to balance out the fireplace and wall height ... and cover up a vent. The "Messages In A Bottle" was an idea that that popped into my head after taking the second photo below ... I had a beautiful empty wine jug (plenty of those in Germany!) that I wanted to display but it looked a little boring without something in it ...

Initial Frame and Messages In A Bottle

A little mantel face-lift

See the empty wine jug? Better with the messages ...

My hubby thinks the messages look nautical ... or like cigarettes! Ha!

Initial Frame "How-To"

Spray Paint
Poster Board
Spray Adhesive

I ditched the matting and the paper insert and used the frame, backing and glass then I spray painted the frame (front and back) in a matte black. Next I cut the burlap to fit the cardboard backing and used spray adhesive to adhere it to the frame backing ... work fast, it sets up quick! Next I hand sketched the "C" since I couldn't print one big enough, spray painted it black, and adhered it to the burlap-backed board using double-sided tape. I didn't use spray adhesive because I want to be able to change out the "C" throughout the year ... maybe change the color depending on the season ... or do a Christmas tree next winter ... etc.

Messages In A Bottle "How-To"

I didn't take photos of the process, but it's SUPER simple and only took a few minutes!

Tea Bag
Hot Glue

I don't have a supply of scrapbook paper so I got creative. I took simple white cardstock and cut a few squares (about 5x5). I soaked a tea bag, squeezed out the water, and ran it across the cardstock to give it the "weathered" look. Next I CAREFULLY burnt the edges with a candle ... I only had to run to the sink once with a flaming piece of paper! Then I rolled 'em up ... secured the edge with a dab of hot glue ... wrapped it with a strip of leftover burlap and a piece of yarn (coordinating the materials/colors from my Initial Frame). I was thinking of wrapping them in red ribbon for Valentine's Day ... good option for next year! The messages are easy to swap and coordinate with the Initial Frame as that changes too!

I'm linking this too ...

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  1. excellent!

    may not be embroidered, but it's still a monogram -- and looks great!! :)

  2. so making this this week! thanks!

  3. Love that!! Seriously cute. I need to make one soon!

    Awesome! Thanks for linking up!


  4. I love the message in a bottle...may have to steal that idea from you!

  5. Really cute! I agree with the hubby, they definitely have a nautical look and that's a good thing! Love the idea!


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