Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bon Voyage!

Ok ... things have been nuts around here! We leave tomorrow for our first cruise, whoop! 10 days aboard the Disney Magic cruising the Mediterranean. Internet is .75 per minute, yikes! I'll do my best to post along the way or the re-cap will just be way too overwhelming!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

But ... It Wasn't Me!

This week Al got a call from his squadron to come pick up some "mail" ... he new exactly what it was as he's received "a few", but this particular piece of mail was not for him this time ....

There it is, my "bad girl" mug shot ... how embarrassing! Really. This my friends, is a speeding ticket! They use mounted speed camera's in Europe! So, life is good .... blah blah blah ... and then you'll get a nice little ticket in the mail a few weeks or months later with your photo ... BUSTED! So how FAST was I going? Wait for it ... wait for it ...

36 kph in an 30kph zone

or converted for you ...

21 mph in an 18 mph zone

This was in our nearby village. Looking at the time stamp, I was just driving back from picking Kelty up from "school".

I know, I'm a speed demon ... I think our car idles faster than that!

So enjoy ... and stop laughing at my mug shot ... at least I wasn't picking my nose or something!

No seriously ... stop laughing!
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