Sunday, November 14, 2010

Do Re Mi ... Salzburg, Austria

Last week we had the opportunity to visit Aviano, Italy and Salzburg, Austria! Al had a TDY to Aviano so Kelty and I tagged along and we drove to Italy together. While in Italy, Al had to work all day but we were able explore a little in the evenings. With the exception of one morning walk, Kelty and I were stuck in the hotel room during the day thanks to the rain. Ugh. Those were loooooooooong days in the hotel room!

Al wrapped up his TDY on Wednesday afternoon and we hit the road that evening to drive to Salzburg. We were able spend one full but rainy day in Salzburg and one rainy morning .... not enough time! Salzburg was breathtaking; just as amazing as is was portrayed in The Sound of Music! This is yet another place that Al and I have decided a second trip is in necessary!

Enjoying a little Gelato in Italy after dinner ... it's a special little treat even on cold nights.

Salzburg, Austria
We took a little Cog ride up to Hohensalzburg Fortress and enjoyed a breathtaking view of Salzburg and the mountains ...

It was so cloudy, overcast and dreary that it was pretty impossible to capture the mountains, but they are there!

The older men enjoying a game of outdoor chess in the Kapitelplatz ...

We visited the Marionette Museum; Kelty really got a kick out it.

Just walking and checking things out ...

Taking a break. I'm pretty certain this was somebody's doorstep we hung out on ...

Our hotel was in the old town just off the one of the main walking streets, Getreidegasse. About a one minute walk from down the street was the childhood home and birthplace of Mozart. We walked by it half a dozen times ... it blends right in with the storefronts surrounding it. It's now a museum.

Each of the shops have beautiful iron signs and each one is built to reflect the merchandise in the shop. This was obviously the storefront of a shoe store. :o)

These little pulleys were actually the bells that would ring for the residences located above. You pulled the lever of the appropriate number apartment; you could visually follow the wire up to the street-front window and see the bells mounted inside on the window frame. Well ... we thought it was neat.

A rainy visit to Mirabell Gardens ...

I bet this little garden tunnel is beautiful in the spring and summer ...

Do Re Mi Fa So ...

I had to do it! I was standing by the Pegasus Fountain in Mirabell Gardens. This fountain was in The Sound of Music, "Do Re Mi" scene. When we go back I'd love to do the tour and visit not only the movie locations but also the "real" locations in the Von Trapp family history. I may not be able to sing, not even Do Re Mi, ... but I love the movie (it's #3 ... just behind Anne of Green Gables and Dirty Dancing).

Until next time sweet Salzburg ...we can't wait to visit you again! As I've read about Salzburg and it's very true "Salzburg is not just a place ... it's an experience".

... oh, during this lovely vacation I was still recovering from my dental surgery. Unfortunately I ran out of pain medication so momma was a little grumpy at times. :o)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Halloween was short and sweet this year! Al returned from a 2-week TDY just a few hours before we headed to base for a little trick-or-treating! Since he was in "the states", I put him on costume duty ... he gets an A+ for picking out such a fun costume for Kelty! Kelty loves the horse farm near the house and was really excited about this costume. He wore one of my cowboy hats and an old red bandana from my "dance drawer" ... paired with the little jean jacket that Nana and Papa gave him it was the perfect "thrown together at the last minute" costume!

We could barely get him to stand still for a photo ... Kelty spent the entire evening galloping around!

Oh my gosh ... the rear view was just as cute!

Kelty took to trick-or-treating very quickly. He couldn't say "trick-or-treat" but he could manage "treat" and would sign "thank-you" after each goody. He was a hit!

Still Around - Just Busy!

Wow! We are still here ... busy as ever. Al just returned from a 2-week TDY so I was playing "single-parent" for a while. ChichiKids has been eating up every spare moment and I've been busy working on our squadron's Harvest Auction event coming up this Saturday ... oh, and I just had dental surgery.

I'll catch everyone up here shortly but thought I'd share a photo of Kelty to hold you all over for a few more days ...

Owl Hat from TotzHatz on Etsy

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