Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This is a first ....

Ugh ... pink eye! Al and Kelty both have pink eye ... so far I'm free and clear, however, I very well could have jinxed myself in this sentence! I have never had pink eye ... nor has Al, so this a first in our house!

Kelty is a little trooper though ... despite a bit of whining when I clean his eyes and a bit of crying at night when he wakes up with his eyes crusted shut, he's running and playing around the house like normal. You'd think this kid would slow down! I've quarantined most of his toys after disinfecting them ... I left out a handful of easy-to-clean toys for him to play with the next couple of days.

Al is on "quarters" until tomorrow ... he's pretty miserable. :o( I'm pretty exhausted but at least I'm the "healthy" one in the family right now.

No photos for now ... Kelty won't hold still long enough for me to get a close-up of his face.

For those of you who were curious about the last photo in my previous post ... Megan got it right! I surprised Kelty with a kids milkshake ... he drank it so fast he gave himself a "cold headache". The funny thing is ... he kept doing it ... and laughing! Silly little stinker!


  1. Oh I hate pink eye or anything resembling it!!

    I keep a bottle of natural stuff that is for conjunctivis and at the sign of any goopiness I drop them in!

  2. i've shared your latest blogs with uncle shawn...he loves the brain freeze pic and kelty is so darn cute with his 'rest stops'

    miss you guys!


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