Thursday, August 6, 2009

When In Rome ..... (Part 1)

We spent 3 nights and 2 1/2 days in Rome ... we are still in disbelief that we visited some of the places we did ... things we've only studied about in school, read about in books, or seen on TV! Here we go .....

Trevi Fountain

Kelty threw in 2 coins ... one for "good luck" and one for a "return trip to Rome"

The Spanish Steps

Kelty walked up every one of them!

The Pantheon

Sitting on the steps of a fountain ... eating McDonalds ... while looking at the Pantheon (yup ... you read it right ... we ate McDonalds and it was the most relaxing meal we had with Kelty!)
Kelty sitting across from the Pantheon (I think his expression reads something like this ... "C'mon Mom, more pictures!"

The Colloseum!

Inside the Colloseum

I still can't believe we were there ...

Kelty running amongst the ruins of the Colloseum
Tomorrow: Vatican City, Roman Forum, various Piazza's, a few random Rome encounters and Lessons Learned! .....


  1. Wow..I can't believe you were there! Thanks for sharing, can't wait for more pics!

  2. That is AWESOME, you all were in Rome!!!! Thanks so much for sharing the picts with all of us. We look forward to your blog updates, so we can stay in touch with you all even though we have a HUGE ocean separating us!!!


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