Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

We have family in Germany! (Can you tell I'm a excited about this?!) Our brother-in-law, John, is deployed to Stuttgart ... just 2-hours from us! He arrived last week and was able to make it for a visit over the long-weekend ... we had such a GREAT visit with him. Kelty totally digs his Uncle John ... and I'm pretty certain that Uncle John digs Kelty! John and my sister, Jessica, have two wonderful kids and it was really nice to have John here to reassure us that Kelty's "toddler behavior" was totally normal (phew, at least we know it's not our parenting skills)!

We had a really GREAT and relaxed visit. I met John at the base on Friday and took him back to the house. John enjoyed a Turkish Doner (a Turkish Wrap) before taking a much needed nap ... he's still adjusting with jet lag. On Saturday we took him to our new BX facility then layed-low until our babysitter came to the house so John, Al and I could sneak out for dinner in our village. Unfortunately, Al has been miserably sick and our attempt to take John out to dinner on Saturday night came to an early halt when Al had to leave with a case of nausea. John and I took the dinners home and ate while Al went to bed early. Sunday we stayed home and let Al recover and John caught up on some movies in our home theater. Before John left this afternoon, we took him into Kaiserslautern for a German lunch ... it was great! He's only been gone an hour but we miss him terribly, as does Kelty. But ... we'll see him again soon!

Oh! Happy Valentine's Day! We kept it low-key ... we bought Kelty a Hide-N-Peek Box of Chocolates, I made Al a Sweet Pack (a Valentine version of this) ... and Al, well, he was super sweet and presented me with a box of my FAVORITE Goufrais Chocolates ... which turned out to be a puddle of chocolate because he hid it in our home theater on our heated floor. :o)

Here are a few pics of our weekend with John ...

John and Kelty getting their internet fixes Saturday morning.

John took Kelty to check out the Harley's in the KMCC ...

... and on a ride in the elevator while Al and I finished our lunch in the food court.

Kelty munched on his pretzel until our lunches came on Monday.

John really enjoyed the beer offerings!

Ok ... this photo is actually from Wednesday ... but I had to share it! Can you tell me what Kelty is doing or what happened in this photo?


  1. So glad you got a vistor! As for the picture, I think he has a cold headache...maybe from ice cream?

  2. Bummer about the chocolates. Hopefully we could still enjoy the puddle : )
    I think Kelty is copying somebody in this picture. I think an adult just did that while saying something like: "I can't believe he did that," or "What was so-and-so thinking?!" and Kelty did it too.


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