Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Burlap Wreath

I'm on a crafting roll! This is what happens when you bring an empty suitcase back to the U.S. and visit JoAnn Fabrics! I literally had to plan out my projects for the next few months and purchase everything I needed during our visit! I need to start rationing my craft supplies! Ha! No ... seriously!

Inspired by JenJen over at Tatertots and Jello, I made a Burlap Wreath to hang over the corner table in our kitchen. I used leftover material from my corner table re-upholstering project ... (oh, I never showed you that project!) ... to warm up the corner of the kitchen. JenJen posted a great tutorial for the wreath ... it was so easy and fun! Between the Monogram Frame and the Burlap Wreath, I am left with barely a fat quarter of burlap ... "ahem, mom ... any trips to JoAnn's planned?"

So here is my version ...

Here is a partial photo of the corner table/seat I re-upholstered. To be honest ... I still hate this table! The previous renters left it and it fit well in the space ... however, it was silver metal with bright orange suede upholstery fabric. I painted all the metal black and re-upholstered all the cushions with a fabric I found at IKEA. It's definitely better than it was but still not "my taste". What drives me even crazier is the fact that we have a dining room table ... but everyone just sits and eats at the kitchen table! Sigh.

In other news on the home front ... I know the Grandparents are probably waiting on some photos and stories about Kelty! We've all had colds this weekend and I'm afraid snotty noses and sneezes don't make good photos! We're on the mend and I will have a good Kelty post here soon! :o) Just be warned ... I still have a lot of Crafting posts to share too!


  1. Your version of Jen's wreath is really pretty. It's been so much fun to see the variations in her design.

  2. I think you've done a great job on both the wreath and the table. I love jenjen's wreath, and you have done a good job reacreating your own version. Love it!

  3. I love burlap and have some extra from a project last year, I might have to try this out. Good job - it's really cute!

  4. Oh wow - I never thought burlap could look so good!

  5. It turned out so great! I love the colors that you used. Awesome!!!

    Thanks for linking up!


  6. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for stopping by. I checked the link and it works just fine; took me directly to the "inspiration project". Perhaps there was a hiccup when you tried. Thanks!

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