Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day in Luxembourg

For the 1st time this month Al had the weekend off so we decided to take a little day-trip to the country of Luxembourg on Saturday! Luxembourg is a small country that borders Germany ... to be honest ... I had always thought Luxembourg was a city in Germany! Ooops! It was a short drive of 1 1/2 hours to Luxembourg City where we spent the day roaming the Place Guillaume (area with markets, shops, cafe's), Grand Ducal Palace (the home of the grand Duke and his family), Cathedrale de Notre Dame and General Patton's gravesite at the Luxembourg American Cemetery. It was a really nice day-trip and Kelty traveled great!

I love the abundance of fresh produce!

A quick bite to eat before letting Kelty out of his stroller ... we needed the energy to keep up with him!

The Grand Ducal Palace ... the palace is open to tours for about a month in the summer while the family is on holiday ... unfortunately they were "home" so no tours during our visit.

The guard outside the palace

Cathedral de Notre Dame ... (not THE Notre Dame)
The interior was amazing ... it holds the royal family vault and a huge sarcophagus of Count of Luxembourg John I of Bohemia

The Luxembourg American Cemetery is 1 of 14 permanent WWII cemeteries erected on foriegn soil. There are 5,076 american remains buried here; most of which lost their lives during the Battle of the Bulge. Of the 5,076 headstones, 101 mark graves of "Unknowns" whose remains could not be identified.

The grave of General George Patton. It just seemed amazing to me that we were there ... able to touch the grass he is buried beneath and touch his headstone ... such a simple burial plot for a such a remarkable warrior!

The headstones of the Jewish faith are marked by the Star of David. They all had little pebbles on them; which I have to research.

Daddy and Kelty walking quietly through the cemetery.


  1. is the produce expensive?

  2. Cool trip! I didn't realize it was so close to you guys.
    I've always wanted to visit Luxemburg since I did a "county report" on them in 5th grade ;)

  3. When visiting a loved one who has passed on, in the Jewish faith it's customary to bring a pebble or stone to show that you were there. It's much like those who leave flowers. My husband is Jewish so I do know a little about it, but I don't actually the reason it's a stone.


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