Friday, February 5, 2010

We're Sledding Dang It, Even If ....


Seriously folks .... I drove around for 3 hours with Kelty in tow looking for a dang toboggan or sled or anything else suitable ... 3 HOURS of carefully maneuvering my LARGE SUV through the narrow streets of Germany ... squeezing in and out of parking spaces intended for vehicles the size of Smart cars ... endured nasty looks from the folks here that don't take kindly to LARGE SUV's weaving through their parking lots ... anyway ... you get the picture. All this effort for NOTHING ... according to one women "There are no toboggans left to purchase anywhere in this area".

I drove home, frustrated ... I had failed my son ... no sledding for my little kiddo. WAIT! Heck no ... I was born a REICHLIN ... who needs a sled to go sliding down a hill! Al thought I was crazy ... insisting we needed a sled. I grabbed the top to a rubbermaid tote (Al wouldn't let me bring the cardboard box or garbage bag!) and Al brought his snowboard. We headed out to a nearby hill and Kelty had a blast sledding on the tote top and snowboard. Even more fun was sliding down on our backs and bottoms!

I have some cute video but I still can't load it. Here are a few random pics from our adventures playing in the snow at the bottom of the hill ...

Looking for some help getting up .... it's hard to do in snowpants and boots!

Daddy fixing Kelty's gloves

Climbing out of a snow fort


  1. LOL!!!I so remember being just as inventive as a kid. Hey, who needed a sled when you have so many other cool things to use from the house!!
    Thanks Again for the pictures and post!!!

    The Clay Family (Texas)

  2. Good thinking! Of course when at college and no way to slide down hills we found you can also use cafeteria trays woohoo! Really Al! Boxes are good sliders too and it is a way to recycle.Love you


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