Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fun With The Cousins!

I'm almost embarrassed to blog ... the inconsistency is driving me nuts. *sigh* We've been so busy here this summer and to be honest most of my computer time has been spent managing my Etsy shop, ChichiKids. I guess I found my Etsy niche because it's been doing very well!

Hey! Did you know Kelty's cousins are still here! Yup! Whoop! We've been having a great time and Kelty absolutely LOVES playing with his 6-year-old cousin Madalyn and 8-year-old cousin John Charles. It's been quite the busy household! We've also had a few unexpected surprises like Al's Appendectomy which kept Al in the hospital for 3 days ... thank goodness my sis was still here to take care of Kelty!

So, without further ado ... here are some photo's (in no particular order) of our activities this last month!

They danced, danced, and danced some more. These kids can totally rock it out!

They just hung out. Seriously, Kelty and Madalyn look like they could be brother and sister!

They climbed the walls ... don't even ask ...

They sat quietly ... ha, right! :o)

They ate ice cream ...

They were hosed down outside after a particularly messy finger paint session ...

They were finger paint warriors ...

Kelty tried to figure out the hose ... and yes, I did!

They got MESSY ....

They dressed up Kelty ... Al REALLY loved this one. Ha!

They watched TV ...

They played with the new water table ...

Kelty tried on Madalyn's bows!

They made cake ... and ate it ...

They formed a rock band ...

We went bowling! ...

Madalyn modeled a few of my appliques! ...

Halloween sneak peak! My Halloween applique designs are so STINKIN' cute!

Oh, umm ... we went to Disneyland Paris! I can't believe I never blogged about this! Oops! My cast member perks work here too so our admission was free! Whoop!

So where does this leave us? Jess and the kids have been trying to wrap up their vacation but haven't had any luck "hopping out" yet ... it's been CRAZY busy at the PAX terminal. I'm trying to "hop out" this week with them so I can spend August in the states with my parents in Michigan!

So does this mean I'm caught up on my blogging? :o)

Monday, July 5, 2010

And The OSCAR Goes To ....

.... Kelty, in his rendition of "I played dead and scared the crap out of my mommy".

The Scene: Mommy and Kelty are playing upstairs. The dogs are outside barking insistently at the folks visiting the neighbors house.

Mom: Kelty, I'll be right back. I need to let the dogs inside.

(Mommy runs down three flights of stairs to shush the dogs and bring them inside)

(Mommy runs back upstairs and finds Kelty laying sprawled on the floor next to the bed, blankie slightly out of reach from his grasp, pacifier dangling from his mouth that is gaping open, tongue hanging from his mouth ... eyes loosely closed ... body completely and utterly motionless)

Mom: KELTY! (frozen in the doorway)

Kelty: (no movement)

Mom: OH MY GOD! KELTY! (running over to Kelty)

Kelty: (no movement)

Mom: KELTY, KELTY!! (hovering over Kelty)

Kelty: AGHH! (opening his eyes, throwing his arms out ... laugh laugh)

Mom: Kelty! Don't you ever do that again!! Don't scare mommy like that! (nauseous from fear).

I kid you not, my 2 1/2 year old played dead and it was so believable I almost vomited. I thought he must have climbed on our bed and jumped off and broke his neck! I can't even describe the fear I felt for those moments! I swear, he's going to give me a heart attack with these pranks!

I do believe we could be raising a future Oscar winning actor. Lord help us!

And just in case you were having a hard time visualizing ... here is a photo reenactment for your viewing pleasure ...

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