Friday, October 16, 2009

A Week in PJ's

All three of us have been miserably sick this week ... hence no posts or recap of our trip to Switzerland over the holiday weekend! We've spent the week at home in our PJ's ... Al was put on "quarters" until Monday ... he's really not feeling well!

So let's re-cap the good stuff!

We spent the holiday weekend in Switzerland with our friends, the Wagner's. They have 2 boys, a 14-month old and a 3-year old that play really well with Kelty ... so Kelty had some friends too!


Zurich is roughly 3 1/2 hours away; with such a quick drive we decided to stop in the black forest of Germany for lunch and cuckoo clock shopping! The Black Forest is home to the cuckoo clock ... I never really thought I'd ever want a cuckoo clock ... until we moved to Germany! There is something about buying a handmade cuckoo clock, directly from the artisan that made it! We LOVE our cuckoo clock and so does Kelty! After a our cuckoo clock purchase and a quick lunch we continued journey to Zurich. After settling into the hotel we headed out to stroll down the Bahnhofstrasse ... fortunately for our wallets most everything was closed. After our stroll through the cold and rain we headed over to the Altstadt (old city) side of Zurich to roam the streets and grab dinner.

Not another road trip!

With the maker of our Cuckoo Clock!

Our Cuckoo Clock ... it's big!

Snapshot of Zurich


Keeping with European tradition, most everything is closed on Sunday's. Fortunately the Zurich Zoo was open! We spent the morning and early afternoon checking out the zoo and then headed back so the kiddo's could take naps. While the kids took their naps, Al and Jeremy were able to spend a few hours checking out Zurich and enjoying a beer. I was really happy Al was able to have some "guy time" and check out Zurich without Kelty in tow. After the kids awoke we headed out for a fondue dinner .... we're in Switzerland, we HAD to have cheese for dinner! This was also the restaraunt we had fondue at with our dearly missed friends, Tina and Jordan, when we visited Zurich back in 2006!

We took the cable-car from the hotel to the zoo

Kelty checking out the fish in the aquarium

Quick family portrait at the zoo

Waiting for our fondue dinner

After dinner we had planned to take a boat ride. The boat never came ... so we hung out on the dock and fed the swans.


We headed out early so we could stop in Luzern, Switzerland to enjoy a snow-capped mountain backdrop. I visited Luzern last year when I was in Switzerland for IJOLDS (International Junior Leadership Development Seminar). It's an old city with beautiful bridges, lakes, and mountain backdrops.

Posing in Luzern

Just a cute little snapshot of Kelty


  1. Looks like a great time! I'm envious of your travels and scarf : )
    Lovin' that photo of Kelty at the end.

  2. Great pictures!!!

    So sorry, you've all been sick =(

  3. Super cute pics! Looks like so much fun. I hope you guys get better soon!


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