Thursday, March 4, 2010


... and no, I'm NOT prego! (Sorry family and friends ... the title could have been misleading)!

This evening I will re-opening my ChichiKids Etsy shop and introducing a line of DIY Iron-On Fabric Appliques that I've been working on! Soon to follow in April/May will be my line of clothes for the kiddo's, including appliqued apparel, reversible pinafores, bloomers, and ankle biter pants ... unfortunately it's still cold and wet here and an outdoor photo shoot isn't an option, which is why I have to wait a bit. I'll also be bringing back my Softies and Blankies! Honestly, I just couldn't wait any longer so I decided to re-open with my DIY Appliques.

Even better .... I'm going to be hosting a DIY Applique Challenge. I'd rather host it on my SoChichi blog but it's not up and running yet. So, family and friends who aren't so interested in the crafty stuff ... you'll just have to tolerate all the crafty stuff for a while!

Here is a sneak peak of what you'll be seeing in my shop!

He's so "Dog-On" cute!

"Flower In Bloom" Kit

"Ooh La La!"

I have literally been dreaming about my appliques so this is pretty fitting right now!

So I'm not too happy with the photos. Usually it's not a problem but I haven't been able to take photos outside in the natural light because of all the windstorms we've been having. These have already been photo edited ... imagine how gloomy the originals were!


  1. How exciting!!! I love them!!! I look forward to seeing your stuff back up on etsy!!!

  2. So "Dog On" adorable! Are they iron on or do they have to be stitched? You are inspiring me to get into my craft room!!!

  3. Your work is adorable. I love it. Fabulous!

    Happy Friday Follow!


  4. Happy Friday!! I am a new follower!!


  5. Very nice!
    Looks like you love traveling. I have never been anywhere.
    I am a new follower from FF

  6. Congrats on re-opening your shop!

    Visiting from "Friday Follow"...I'm your newest follower! Love for you to come visit me :)

    Have a great weekend!
    ~Shelley @ Shelley's Swag

  7. "Following you from Happy Follow Friday!"

  8. Good Afternoon! Happy Friday Follow! I am your newest follower. Come visit me :) and have a great weekend! Shoot me an email if you'd like me to subscribe, twitter or facebook.

    Bridgette Groschen
    The Groschen Goblins

  9. Just found you linked from Blue Cricket. I love all of your stuff! Can't wait to look over the whole blog!

  10. Your appliques are really really cute! I'm on my way to check out your etsy store!

    I found you through the "Friday Follow" and decided to follow you with Google Friend Connect. I look forward to further exploring your blog! Come on over and visit the Freely Living Life Family when you get a free moment. Happy blog hopping! <3

  11. Hi there! Thanks for joining the Blog Hop. I'm following you now. Love your blog. I'll be back later to read more.

    Happy Follow Friday!


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