Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July and Kelty's 7 Month Bday!

Happy 4th of July family and friends! This week flew by and I'm not quite sure where it went! We wrapped up the week with a luncheon at Al's squadron ... the spouses brought in taco's ... how could we not participate in something that involved taco's right? Kelty was able to play (flirt) with his friend Catherine. They both sat on the table and stared at each other while Michelle and I talked about Catherine's 6 month appointment. Kelty has his 6th month appointment on the 8th (yes, I know ... he'll actually be over 7 months by then). It worked out perfectly that Adam (Michelle's husband) was getting back from his deployment that afternoon; Al, Kelty and I joined Michelle and Catherine on the flight line to welcome him back (I was able to take photos of the happy reunion!).
Friday was a productive day for Al and I. We are preparing our house to go on the market within the next few weeks and decided to work on the curb appeal. While Kelty took a very rare 2 hour nap we did some planting, weeding and mulching. Amazing! That evening we had a 4th of July BBQ over at our neighbor's house with their family followed by a rather large fireworks show! Our neighbors Lisa and AD really put on a great show and the crowd grows each year. It's rather comical really. Everyone sits out in the street/yard with their beverages and "ooh's and aah's" over the fireworks. We brought Kelty out for the fireworks but he was not a big fan.
Oh! Kelty is in his big boy high chair now! Thanks Mimi and Papa! Here are a few pics of the week!

Kelty in his highchair for the 1st time! Such a big boy!

Kelty in his new hat! Thanks Nana! Kelty kept going cross-eyed tryiung to look at the brim of the hat ... it was quite comical!

Kelty watching the fireworks with Daddy!

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  1. Cool high chair! You're going to have to show me how it works!

    Good luck at Kelty's dr. visit!


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