Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm Spilling the Beans ...

We are moving to Ramstein, Germany!

We're meeting with a realtor on Thursday; we'll see how that goes. We already know we're going to be on the losing side when we sell the house ... anyone want to buy a home in Tampa?

Ok ... my sister Jessica will go nuts if I don't post a video of Kelty today. Here are a few cute video's I took over the last 2-days.

Kelty figured out his sippy cup the other day when we were out to lunch with our friend Michelle and her daughter Catherine (Catherine was born 2-weeks to the day after Kelty). Now Kelty looks for his sippy cup first thing after I put him in his high-chair. It's quite cute!

Kelty is also becoming quite mobile ... he's our little explorer! Though he doesn't crawl yet; he manages to scoot everywhere! Every morning after breakfast has settled I sit and play with him in his nursery. After a short while he starts to explore. Yesterday he traveled from his nursery, through the living room, into our bedroom on the other side of the house and into our bathroom! Thank goodness I had just cleaned the floors! Today he traveled from his nursery, through the living room and into the kitchen. I've decided to let him explore but I'm always with him (usually with the camera in one hand). It's quite the site to see him stop and explore everything along the way! Here is a short video of him in the kitchen.

And to wrap it up ... a few photos ...

Kissing the baby in the mirror!


  1. Thanks for the videos and pictures!! He is so adorable. I can't to see him in August. Love you guys. Give Kelty a HIGE hug from Aunt Jessica.

  2. Congrats on Ramstein! Have you guys considered renting out the house until the market recovers?


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