Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Little Bit of This and That

This week really flew by and we had a great week ... of course finding out we will be moving to Germany really set a good tone for the week! Thursday we joined some of the other squadron mommies for our weekly playgroup. We had a great time and I love seeing Kelty interact with the other babies. It's also a great opportunity to learn new tricks and tips from other mom's ... I really look forward to our playgroups every week. Here are a few cute pics from the playgroup (thank's for sharing Michelle!)

What a cute bunch of kiddies!

Oh boy, let's share .. or not! Kelty loves Catherines toy and was trying to take it from her! Poor Catherine!

Yumm ... a ball! Kelty pretty much played with this the rest of the time!

Kelty in a Jump-A-Roo for the 1st time during the playgroup ... he seriously bounced for 20 minutes non-stop!

We finally bought Kelty his big boy carseat ... I have mixed emotions about this. 1) I love the convenience of his baby carseat, especially for quick trips. 2) He's leaving behind his 1st carseat ... he's growing so fast! He looks pretty happy trying out his new ride though! Now ... let me tell you about the deal we ended up with on this seat! Some of you may know that Al and I are thrifty shoppers ... we love coupons, open-box buys and we shamelessly ask for military discounts just about everywhere we go. So ... this little beauty retails for $309.00 ... it's one of the most expensive carseats out there! Britax is phasing out this fabric so Babies-R-Us had it on clearance for $299 (ohh, $10 off) ... then we had a 20% coupon, whoohoo! ... we were happy with that .. but .. for some crazy reason the cashier applied an additional "clearance 20% off" ... we paid $191 for a $309 car seat!!! That's right people!!! I felt like I won the lotto!!! Whoopwhoop! Here is a snapshot of Kelty in the seat after we took it out of the box and I was adjusting it to fit him properly.

Happy in his new seat!

When we arrived home after picking up the carseat we had another surprise waiting for us. Nana and Papa had sent Kelty a new toy ... it is seriously the cutest baby toy I have ever seen ... so cute that I display it in his room when he's not playing with it. It's a European toy which is quite fitting! The wheels are wooden and the rest is fabric. It converts from a train/pull-toy to a stackable toy when you take the wheels off. How clever!

Proudly displayed between his Itsy Bitsy Spider and his Elephant

Oooh, check this out!

Here are a few extra photos from last night and this morning. Kelty just looked to cute to pass up these photo ops!

All clean and wrapped up after his bath!

Pushing himself up and away from the nightstand ... this was just after trying to pull the drawer open.

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  1. The car seat is WAY cute. Is that the same kind of harness that his old car seat had? Or does this one snap closed??
    I'm so glad you guys were able to make it to playgroup, we had such a fun time =)


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