Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're Moving To .....

After weeks of anticipation the assignments have dropped! We were fortunate to recieve an assignment but now the reality of it is sinking in ... we need to prep and sell the house, we're going to be saying good-bye to some very special people, I need to find a new AF Reserve unit to hire me, I'm leaving behind my Disney job (I'm staying Seasonal and will come back to perform at least once a year!!!).

On the flip side we are thrilled about this assignment! No deployments, plenty of adventure, and a great flying opportunity for Al!

Now ... don't think we're going to spill the beans that easy! Here are 3 clues ...
  1. Population: 98,044
  2. We've vacationed within a few hours of this location.
  3. Coat of Arms:

Leave your guesses in the comments! I'll post another set of clues later today. :o)


  1. Just wanted to let you both know that I am very excited for you both. There is always an adventure to take when in the military..you will enjoy this one. Since I already know, I won't spill the beans... Love you, Jess

  2. So by that coat of arms I'm guessng either Hawaii or somewhere in New England... I'm guessing Maine. Of course I could be completely wrong!

  3. Awesome for you guys! Do you know the Gude's and Doerr's already? [Did I guess right?]


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