Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kelty, Go Fetch!

So ... the other day I layed out Kelty's play blanket and went to make my morning coffee; almost immediately I heard "mmmm, hhmmmm, mmmm" coming from the blanket ... I peeked to see what Kelty was "mmmm'ing" about ... he was chewing on Pogo's dog bone! Ahhhhh! He had managed to squirm his way to the edge of the blanket where Pogo's bone had been (of course I hadn't noticed it when I layed down the blanket) and munch on a real bone! I guess he's not a picky eater! Hah!

I have a few photo's and video's to share with you this week ... Kelty's 6-month photo's are ready to be picked-up today. I think I may make the drive to Lawton (1-hour) to get them. Here is a sneak peak!

Kelty is really getting mobile! He does the little "low-crawl" to scoot around the floor ... I think I may call him "scooter". He does get up on his hands and knees now but he usually falls right back down. He is able to push himself up into a little "down-dog" though .... it's cute! I tried to load he videoftr 8 hours ... I gave up.

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