Thursday, July 31, 2008

Breakfast, MOSI and Pogo

Kelty and I met Katey & Evangeline, Michelle & Catherine, Sara & Tyler at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) on Tuesday for our playgroup. Before heading over to MOSI, Kelty and I had a fun little morning ... breakfast was quite cute in particular. Kelty had decided he was done eating and every time I put the spoon up to his mouth he would dip his chin down to the left and make a noise ... it was hilarious! I tried to capture it on video but Kelty was distracted by the camera. I did get a little on video ... at the end I knocked over the entire container of applesauce! Way to go mom!

Now onto our trip .... it was our first time at MOSI and we really enjoyed it! Our first stop was the Dinosaur exhibit; I think all the kids were wide-eyed during this portion of the trip ... the dinosaurs were animatronic. Kelty's favorite bathtub toy is his dinosaur and even though I know he didn't associate the two I was anxious to see his reaction.

Kelty and I with Michelle and Catherine

After the dinosaur exhibit we walked over to the kid zone where they had a little play area for the infants ... after we got over our "germ" anxiety we let the kids play before heading over to the IMAX movie.

All the little stinkers!

Starting to creep through the tunnel.

Pushing himself on the wavy mat

After the play area we took an elevator ride up the to the IMAX theatre ... we all fit in nicely! The IMAX movie featured the Grand Canyon and the deteriorating state of the CO River. The film featured a group of researchers and a guide rafting down and documenting the CO River. It reminded me of the 1 week rafting trip I took to the Canyonlands in UTA with my Advanced Science class in high school! I'd love to do something like that again when Kelty is old enough! Kelty was tired by the time we hit the IMAX movie and instead of watching the film he fell asleep cuddled against my chest; it was so precious. This is something he never does and I just loved having him snuggled up against me ... I could have stayed there forever!

Riding in the elevator on our way to the IMAX Theatre

After the IMAX movie and lunch Kelty and I along with Katey and Evangeline decided to stay and check out the rest of the museum. The kids stayed very content!

Strollers on Mars! Maybe we'll have an astronaut in the family after all!

I took Pogo to the vet for his Senior Wellnes Exam and vaccinations last week. Pogo has been having some problem with his front and hind legs ... we decided to get Pogo an extensive and expensice wellness check ... $588! No typos there folks ... it was $588! I got a phone call from his vet Tuesday with the results of his x-rays and lab work. Just as Al and I had thought ... poor little Pogo is having issues. Pogo has a degenerative joint disease in both his front left and back right knees, luxating patela in his left knee, fluid on his right knee, and arthritis in his right ankle. These issues were not the vets biggest concerns ... the biggest concern is the possibility of a degenerative cervical spine disease and a herniated disc. Our next visit will be with a neurologist and orthopedic specialist and the Florida Vetrinary Clinic. Right now Pogo is on medication to ease his discomfort. Please send your prayers for Pogo ... he's a special little guy in our life! So is little Piper!

Napping in the boppy

Getting lap time with daddy and Kelty!

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  1. Poor Pogo! It's so stressful/heartbreaking dealing with old and sick pets. They have been your babies longer than Kelty!
    I have been to the Florida Vet Specialists and they are WONDERFUL!! Good luck and let me know what happens.


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