Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blah! Blah!

It seems that Kelty did not inherit moms sweet tooth! He really has not been a fan of the fruits ... banana's, peaches, prunes (I'm not a fan of the prunes either). He has done well with applesauce. For lunch today I decided to make the banana puree for him ... simple enough ... mash the heck out of a banana and a little water ... yum! When I gave Kelty his first bite, you would have thought I just poisoned my child! Though I didn't get the best reaction on video I captured a decent 2nd try. He really fought eating the rest of his lunch after his 1st bite of banana; it was cereal from then on! Here is a little video of his banana adventure ...

We ran a few errands this morning and Kelty rode in the shopping cart like a big boy! He LOVED it! He was so content sitting and taking everything in; I had more than one person comment on how content (and cute) he was. I absolutely LOVE this shopping cart cover! I bought it on Etsy from another stay-at-home mom. This cover is well padded, has pockets, a little pillow and toy loops. Oh! It also has its own straps so we don't have to use the straps already on the shopping cart. I have found this especially nice since Kelty loves chewing on the strap. Kelty really is quite cozy and I love seeing him in it. Here is pic I took in the store this morning ... I was so excited for him to ride in the cart!

We leave this evening for Miami ... I have my drill weekend. The three of us are going together but Al will be with Kelty while I'm at work. I'm sure Kelty will be happy for the change of pace ... wish us well!


  1. LOL! Oh my gosh, I couldn't help but laugh at the bananas video! Poor guy really didn't like them ;)

    The shopping cart cover is adorable! Good luck this weekend. Talk to ya when you get back.


  2. :) Jake did the same thing with bananas at first! Now he eats them by the fistfull! He hates new textures so would eat the Gerber bananas but not mine. Keep trying! FYI: ripe pears are really easy to mash up too.


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