Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Al had to work all-day Saturday which left us with a one-day weekend. Boo.

Our commander and his wife had a social Saturday evening and I decided to take Kelty even though Al was flying. It was a nice time and another nice opportunity to socialize with folks we don't see often and even the ones we do. Of course Kelty and I migrated to the baby circle. Here is a cute photo of some of the kids courtesy of Michelle (thanks girl!).

Catherine (Dec 07), Hana (Nov 07), Bear (Apr 08), Kelty (Dec 07), Evangeline (Oct 07)

We spent most of Sunday taking photos of the house for the sales brochure. We're going to try to sell it by owner for a few months before listing it with a realtor ... the 6% commission is really going to eat up too much ... we're already going to be listing it for less than we purchased it for. We'll see how it goes. The rental market isn't much better ... we won't be able to rent it for anywhere near our monthly payment.

French Doors Opening from the Master Bedroom to the Pool Deck
(Can you find Pogo and Piper?)

Master Bedroom to the Pool Deck


Pool Deck

Remodeled Kitchen

(I'm going to re-take this one)

Living Room and New Hardwood Floor ... ooh, so shiny!

Onto better topics ...

Kelty has a new little game he likes to play .... flick the doorstop. I caught a quick bit on video ... he's so darn cute. Who needs toys when you have doors, doorstops, curtains and all those other things they shouldn't be getting into!

Flick ... Boing ... Flick ... Boing!!

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  1. Evangeline loves door stops too. We've have to tighten ours several times though because she unscrews it so be careful!


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