Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Blogworthy Day

Let's back this up one day .....

Al arrived home from work last night around 6pm ... he told me his flight "tomorrow" wasn't going to be tax-free ... I said, "hey, we already have tax-free for the month anyway" ... he said, "tomorrow is Oct, it's a new month" ....... SCREECH!

Why the drama you ask? Kelty starts daycare on the 1st! Here it was, the EVENING before the BIG DAY and I had no idea it was the last day of Sept. Seriously, I need to look at a calendar more often! I went into a frenzy laying out clothes, prepping his school bag, labeling his items, reading the "parent handbook". I was soooooo NOT mentally prepared for this day! Of course I went to bed crying over my anxieties about the big day .... I feel like I'm losing a small part of my baby!

Well ... Oct 1st is now almost over and we survived. I took Kelty over to "school" in the morning ... we had a tearful good-bye ... I went back 3 hours later and picked up a happy Kelty. He didn't start crying until he saw me in the room and then it's like it hit him all over again that I "left" him. We decided to break him in slowly with 1/2 days instead of throwing him right in for the day ... I need that warm-up period just as much as he does. :o) Soo ... what did I do with my break? I drove home, cleaned the kitchen and worked on some of my military paperwork ... fun, huh!

To add to the drama of events around here ....

Yesterday afternoon I was carrying Kelty out to the car and we made a "pit-stop" to pick a flower ... when I transitioned back from the grass to the sidewalk I rolled my ankle off the curb ... at which point Kelty and I both plummeted to the ground. I was able shift my weight so that I took the brunt of the fall but Kelty still ended up bumping his head on the sidewalk ... the flower seemed to soften the blow a little as he ended up with a "dandelion kiss" on his forehead. Kelty could have given a hoot and hopped back up to collect more flowers ... I on the other hand was rolling around on the ground (in public) cursing my ankle ... thank goodness no one saw! I tried to "walk it off" but after 24 hours of pain, black and blue swelling, inability to sustain weight and sharp pains radiating up my leg ... I caved and called the doctor. They directed me to the ER. Great. Al was flying ... looks like Kelty and I had a date! I packed up some cars, book, crayons, sippy cups and snacks and headed to the ER. Kelty did well and I made out OK. I tore the ligaments in my foot. The doc offered me crutches and an air cast however we decided crutches, a toddler, and a stroller don't mix and I opted for an ace bandage and instructions to "rest, ice, elevate and compress". I can usually tolerate a sprained ankle but this particular sprain seems to be defeating me at the moment. O'well.

On our way to daycare ... Kelty grabbed this from the garage. No "show and tell" yet buddy!

Ready to go! Sorry it's blurry ... he was running and I was trying to keep up with my sprained ankle.

mmm ... not horrible but it hurts! The swelling and discoloration wraps around the back of my foot to the other side of my ankle.

Kelty did really well during our 2 1/2 hour adventure in the ER ... thanks buddy!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your ankle and glad his first day went well, but what really gets me is how grown up Kelty looks!

  2. I can feel your heartbreak on sending Kelty to school. I'm so happy that he did well!

  3. I'm so happy to hear that Kelty had a GREAT first day at school. Don't worry you will be fighting with him to leave before you know it. He will be having so much fun with his new friends he's not going to want to go home "just yet". I hear my students ask if they can stay for just one more minute or if they can go to my house and play with Isabella, it's just too funny. I am sorry to hear about your ankle and I really do hope you feel better:o)

  4. OMG! What a few days! Glad that Kelty did well for you at the ER. Your foot looks super painful! Did they give you any good meds?? As for the first day of school, maybe it's good that you weren't thinking about it all week. Glad Kelty enjoyed it. I always peak in on the boys at the Y before going to get them b/c once they see me they are all tears. Oh yeah, the book Kelty has in the ER pic is one of the boys fav's right now!


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