Friday, October 2, 2009


And the drama continues ....

I recieved a call from the ER this morning; they missed the "fracture" on my film. The doc that called this morning was not the doc I saw last night and he was very apologetic ... after further review of my film they identified a small fracture in my foot. I knew this thing hurt more than a sprain! Anyway ... I'll be going in to see the podiatrist on Monday and they've asked my to come back in and pick-up crutches. They really want me off my foot ... unfortunately Al is on a short TDY but he'll be back this evening. Why is it that these things always happen when the hubby's are gone.

I am far from happy about having fractured my foot, however I feel like less of an idiot for going to the ER now.


  1. Looks like you fractured your fifth metatarsal! I did that when I was pregnant with Isabella. You are right. That kind of thing hurts way worse than a sprain!!! Be careful because that area is difficult to heal. Two and a half years later I still feel pain in my ankle on rainy days!

    Beth Teklinski

  2. Sorry to hear about your foot. Hope you get back on your feet soon. That chair in the picture of the ER looks familiar (private joke...kindof). Pleased to hear Kelty had a good first day. Kelty's growing up.. :( You guys take care. Love from Maine...Mom & Dad C

  3. Hello fellow expat! I'm now in Moscow, but we have lived in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Buenos Aires.

    I broke a toe a few years ago when I accidentally kicked the wheel on my shopping cart while wearing sandals. It turned such a lovely shade of eggplant purple and, boy, did I teach the other people around me in the store how to say some really colorful words in English. I just had to tape it to another toe. It didn't really give me much trouble (touch wood).

    Here we don't have a car (it's like NYC) and I always worry about what would happen if one of us broke a leg (it is very slippery in the winter, and breaks are common . . . I bought us all Yak Trax while I was home this summer).

    Hope you heal quickly!

  4. oh man.. that stinks about your foot and of course it happened while Al is gone. It always does.. beel better soon!


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