Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bento Inspired Tot Lunch

I was "blog hopping" and came across a wonderful post about "bento" lunches; I was immediately addicted! The concept isn't too far off from how I prepare Kelty's lunches and now that I have to pack a lunch for him 2-days a week, I was really excited! It makes the prep for his "daycare days" a little less heart wrenching somehow. Kelty is also a picky eater, my hope is that opening up his box and seeing a cute little portioned lunch will make him more excited to eat!

I dare you to spend 5 minutes and Google "bento; you'll come across some amazing and adorable bento's! Cute little rice and egg molds, condiment cups, condiment bottle, food picks, boxes, etc. I have already started a wish list of "bento" supplies so I can start making some really cute lunches for stinker.

Here is my first attempt at a bento lunch for Kelty ...

Mini peanut butter sandwhiches (cut into circles with a cookie cutter), grapes and raspberries, pickles, and graham goldfish.

If you want to see some super cute bento's , read about other bento adventures and get some ideas for your own bento's ... here are a few blogs that I think are great!

Show me your bento! So I think I may have a few readers (out of all 7 of you - LOL) that may "bento" with me! So I challenge you to make a bento for yourself or for your kiddos or your hubby ... blog about it ... and then come back and share your link in a comment.

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