Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Stuff ....

Nothing really new and exciting ... I've been supplementing the blog with "Cooking" and "Tot" entries so make sure you check those out!

We're all still recovering from being sick ... ugh. We've had A LOT of sleepless nights this last week. Kelty is up nearly every 1/2 hour ... sometimes just whining in his sleep, other times walking down the hallway to get us. At least once a night he'll grab his "blankie" and the blanket and pull me over to the glider in his room ... poor little guy clings to me for dear life! I usually end up falling asleep while I rock him ... don't tell Al but I really don't mind rocking "us" to sleep. :o)

Despite the lack of sleep, Kelty is still quite energetic and mischievous during the day. I'm back to my 2-days per week at work ... though for the next 2-weeks I'll be working M-F. Al is taking leave during the 1st week to stay home with Kelty on his "off" day-care days. Boy do I miss the stinker when I'm working ... he's all I think about! Though I have to admit that I enjoy the lunches Al and I get to meet up for ... his building is right across the street!

Here are just a few random pics from the last couple days ....

He climbed up on that shelf in a blink of an eye ... literally! I was standing right there when he did it! On second I was looking at him opening the door to the cabinet ... I turned around to pick something up and then this happened.

Just having fun with his sandwich ... it's a pig. He ate the bologna "face", the pickle eyes and the bologna in the middle and discarded the rest. *sigh* At least he smiled when he saw it!

My mom (Nana) sewed Kelty the cutest little robe and pajama pants! Kelty just adores them both and he looks so stinkin' cute running around in his robe! I'll try to get a better picture soon. Thanks Nana!


  1. I feel for you, we have had the flu for the past two weeks. Just as soon as the kids and I felt better Gabriele and Isabella got croup. Since Gabriele was so sick he has slept in our bed for a little over a week now. Last night was the first night he stayed in his bed ALL night!!! Any who, love the pictures and thanks for the update:o) Hope the little guy feels better!!

  2. The Pig Sandwich is sooo cute!!!


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