Sunday, October 4, 2009


This is indeed a time of change ....

This weekend ...
~ Kelty graduated to his toddler bed ... yikes!
~ Kelty added "baby", "hot", "no" and "s" to his vocabulary!!!!
~ We are dealing with issues with our renters back in FL

This week ...
~ I start work ... *sigh*
~ Kelty will be introduced to a full 6-hour day at daycare

So let's expand on our weekend journey. We knew the time was coming very soon when Kelty would be climbing out of his crib ... well, it happened and fortunately we were right there to see it. Saturday morning we did the conversion, knowing that our nights would now forever be changed! To our astonishment he is doing GREAT in his bed ... he's not climbing out when he wakes up in the middle of the night, in the mornings or during/after his nap .... the little stinker waits until we come in the room to climb out of the bed! We're not going to hold our breath on this one ... I'm sure it'll change.

*Sorry about the photo quality*

Daddy's little helper

Ok Dad, I'll just play on the computer until you're done ... and wear my hat

I swear Kelty does close his mouth!

So ..... this morning Kelty and Daddy were reading a book; Kelty pointed to a child in the book and blurted out "baby"! He's also gotten comfortable using "no", even though it sounds more like "new" ... hey, we'll take it! We've been working on "o" for a few weeks now and the fact Kelty is shaping his mouth for an "o" sound is huge progress!

As I had mentioned, we are having problems with the renters in our home in FL ... sigh ... They've been good renters; taking great care of our home and being honest with the property manager ... however, with the economic struggles they have to move out-of-state and break their lease (they signed a 2-year lease and only filled a few months of it). Unfortunately they can't pay rent either (in addition to not paying last months rent either). Even though we are out a lot of money ... we are just thankful that our house will be left in good condition and we have new set of renters ready to move in. This will be our 3rd set of renters since we moved in Jan .... hopefully these renters will be able to pay rent and stay the length of the lease AND take care of our home!

Well ... I'm also back to work this week. I have a flexible schedule but I still have A LOT of anxieties over leaving Kelty. I keep telling myself that this change will be good and healthy for him. 2, 6-hour days a week is pretty minimal I guess.

I should have some recipes and craft posts up this week so keep your eyes open for those!


  1. Hooray for new words!! You are not going to believe how quickly he will be putting two words together! Good luck this week at work. I think it will be good for both of you...after the first week of anxiety. Hopefully you'll meet some new friends and so will Kelty! I'll be thinking of you this week!

  2. Sorry to hear about the house!!! As for Kelty we are so proud of him adding some new words, you will have to try and video tape him talking. I also think it will be a nice change for the both of you when you go back to work but I also know how hard it's going to be. At least you don't have to work every day eight to ten hours a day!!! I just will say GOOD LUCK with the toddler bed.

  3. Yeah for the big boy bed!!! We had to put a baby gate on Catherine's door, but she does just fine most nights.

    Good luck at work this week! We'll be thinking of you =)

  4. Kelty is getting so big!!! His cute little face looks just as it did when you left in Jan, just more grown up! I love the pic with the hat. Your caption is hilarious. Your whole blog is awesome! I'm glad you and Al are doing so well.


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