Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Farm Fest

We live in a land of festivals! This weekend we took a trip to nearby Hitscherhof to enjoy the Farm Fest. Pumpkins, hay and corn capture the spirit of the festival .... we enjoyed a bowl of spicy pumpkin soup, Kelty guided us through the corn maze and we all played on the hay playground (I'm still finding hay in our clothes and shoes ... reminds me of my childhood)! Unfortunately our camera battery died and I have only a few pictures to share .... grrrr.

Taking a pause in the corn maze to check out an ear of corn ... at one point Kelty was running through the corn maze with his arms full of corn. He was so stinking cute!

We let Kelty quide us through AND out of the maze ... clever little guy. Every little intersection we came to Kelty would point in the direction he wanted us to go. I'm glad he has Al's sense of direction because I can get lost in a mall.

Ok, yeah ... that's a HUGE pumpkin!

Big pumpkin make great drums.


  1. LOL...getting lost in the mall! =)
    That is one huge pumpkin!

  2. What fun! I miss pumpkin patches and corn fields! What wonderful memories for Kelty (and you guys too).

  3. Wow those are HUGE pumkins! You have such a handsome little boy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I cant wait to read more of yours!


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