Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This, That and The Other

Nothing too exciting to report but I'll share a few tidbits and pictures of the last few days. Kelty started Gymboree classes last Friday ... he loved it (so did I). I decided to sign him up for a weekly class plus the "open gym" time. Monday I showed the house to the same couple that came by a week ago; I left the house so they could walk and discuss in private ... they stayed nearly 40 minutes which is a really good sign. We'll see how it turns out! Kelty accompanied me to my dental appointment this afternoon ... the hygienist gave him his 1st toothbrush (mostly to keep him quite for a little longer). After my appointment I took him over to Gymboree for the "open gym". Here are some pics of the last few days.

Kelty likes the crunch of the watermelon but spits it out after he takes a bite ... silly boy!
Do I hear a baby Mozart?
We spent about 45 minutes at Gymboree this afternoon. There is so much room for him to crawl and so many new things to explore safely. It's quite cute ... he must be used to hearing me say "no" in the house because every time he wants to crawl on something at Gymboree he look at me first, as if to ask "Is this OK mom?"
Kelty spent about 15 minutes playing with the green beach ball. I threw it in the tube for him to go after.

Climbing the stairs.

Crawling through the tunnel.

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