Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bouncing to Sleep and Hide-n-Seek

Wow ... I am really having a hard time keeping up with my blog lately. I really thought Sept would slow down a little for us. In the last 4 days we've put our house on the market, had outproccessing appointments, medical appointments, carpets cleaned, stucco fixed on the house and (this is very exciting for me) I'm filling my 1st wholesale order of ChichiKids Softies for a baby boutique in CT! I'm also working on a custom ChichiClay earring order ... today is our 1st appointment for a housecleaning (we're getting it done bi-weekly) and Al is deploying. Anyway ... on to some good stuff ... Kelty! I cannot believe the changes that seem to be happening daily with him! We broke down and bought him a walker the other day ... we found the cheapest one possible since we don't know how long he'll use it for. He zooms around the house in it. I'll get to photo's and videos now since that's really what everyone looks for! :o) Here we go ...

On Tuesday Kelty and I went to the base to get our military passports and start the medical portion of our outproccessing ... this totally threw off Kelty's nap schedule. Despite my efforts to get him down for a nap at 3 and 4, he just wanted to play. I stuck him in his exersaucer so I could clean-up the kitchen while he played ... this is the result of an overtired baby in and exersaucer ...

Kelty bounced himself to sleep!

Kelty and I play hide-n-seek when he's in his walker. He usually laughs but we were just warming up this time around. Please don't laugh at my sound effects ... Kelty loves my little song! :o)

Kelty and I will play hide-and-seek for a good 20 minutes every day!

This is my star child. Kelty put his head down on his high chair during lunch and this is how he came up ... it couldn't have been any cuter!

Kelty found the toilet paper holder ... he unrolled the entire new role and I let him do it. :o)


  1. The sleeping video is too precious! I couldn't help but giggle too =)

  2. Oh..Kelty you are so cute even when your sleeping!! That video is priceless. I miss him so much already. And of course I miss you guys too. He really brings us a lot of joy. Love ya Jessica (Aunt CaCa)

  3. He's too cute! I love the videos, keep them coming! I like your hide and seek game.


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