Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Food, Fun and IKEA!

I haven't posted in a few days so I'll do a little recap of events.

Friday was Kelty's 9-month check-up. Al and I were both able to go to this visit before Al had to leave. The appointment went well but of course we went through the normal battery of questions concerning Kelty's eating habits since he is only in the 4th percentile for weight. Everyone thinks Kelty looks like a healthy baby, including the doc ... you'd never know that he is so low in the weight percentiles!

Kelty and I went to Jake and Ryan's 1st birthday party on Sat. Despite my attempts to get there on time we arrived 1/2 hour late ... well, at least we got there. We walked in the front door and it was a jungle of kids (pun intended - the birthday was jungle themed). The front room was very spacious and perfect for all the kids to play ... it made me realize how small of a space Kelty has to play in! We had a wonderful time and the twins were so cute to watch. Here are a few photo's ...

Kelty had so much fun playing with all the different toys and seeing his playgroup friends!

All the kids loved Jake and Ryans little zoo.

Happy Birthday Jake and Ryan!

Sunday was a normal day. I showed the house that afternoon; it went well but we'll see how it turns out. They seemed more interested in whether we would leave our patio furniture, grill and draperies than I would have liked but I guess everything is negotiable when you're trying to sell a house ... especially with this housing market! Here are a few photos and video's of Sunday and Monday.
Kelty likes to stand most of the day ... he's so proud of himself!

After doing some of Kelty's laundry I decided to put him in the laundry basket and push him around the house (it's on wheels). His face reads "Mom, you're an idiot!" :o)

Kelty seems to have a simple taste pallet ... despite my attempts to introduce him to new foods he like to stick to the simple meals. He is not a big fan of mixed foods as you will soon see in this video! This was pretty yummy, it was a pasta and Parmesan thing ... WARNING, WARNING, WARNING ... he does more than just spit out the food in this video ... don't say I didn't warn you!

I don't know if I want to try this one again!

Here is little video of Kelty playing with his newest toy ... thanks Nana and Papa! This is the first thing he wants every day!

Kelty and I met our friends Michelle and Catherine at IKEA in Orlando this morning. All I have to say is Michelle and I exercised some serious self-control! I walked out with a new stuffed aligator toy for Kelty (pictures later) and a duvet cover for the guest room ... I realized on my way home that I forgot about the sheets! If your not familiar with an IKEA ... it is a 2-story, modern European store where you can literally furnish a house from the silverware to the sofa's and awesome prices! Everything is so unique ... you can literally spend your entire day there! After IKEA, we drove next door to the mall. By that time the kids were restless and after a brief lunch we poked around a bit and let the kids "play" in the Pottery Barn Kids store. There was no kids play area in the mall so Potter Barn was our make-shift play area ... I think the store associates were onto us! :o) No pictures of our excursion today ... we both forgot our camera's.


  1. Doug and I almost peed out pants watching the video! That was so cute/funny/gross. We've definitely been there! Mallory used to do the same thing with avocados but now she'll occasionally tolerate them. Kelty is such a doll. I wish he and Mallory could play!

  2. ok, I meant peed "our" pants, not "out" pants! UGH, my poor brain!

  3. We used to get the battery of "Is she eating?" questions too. Piper was so far below the charts every single time up until her 2 year check up. At her 1 year they actually drew blood to make sure she didn't have any problems. Nope, she's just little like her Mommy and Daddy.


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