Friday, September 19, 2008

That's a Wrap!

Another week down! We wrapped up the week with a playgroup on Thursday at the Campo YMCA in Valrico and Gymboree on Friday. It's honestly been a rough week for us but ending the week on a good note seems to make it better. I also showed the house again this afternoon ... I got that call on my to Gymboree and of course was anxious to get back in time to do the "quick clean" and show the house. Here are a few snapshots of our end-of-week activities. I don't have any photos of our playtime at Gymboree but I'll post a few after our next class.

Kelty loves the water and he really enjoyed our hour at the little splash pool at the YMCA ... I stole this photo from Katey's blog ... thanks Katey!

This is the little water park at the YMCA ... we'll go back with Daddy!

Kelty loved the little geysers.

Kelty would stick his mouth in the geyser to drink!

Michelle and I are trying a toy swap so that Catherine and Kelty get to play with new toys without the cost involved in buying them! This way they won't get tired of their toys too fast either!

Kelty is borrowing Catherines' activity table while Catherine plays with his Sit-to-Stand Toy. He likes to flip the page on the book!

Kelty's new favorite snack ... graham crackers! Unfortunately he'd rather eat his graham crackers than his dinner now! Great.

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