Thursday, September 25, 2008

Doorbell Ringers!!!

If another person dare rings my doorbell and wakes my sleeping child they will experience the wrath of a crazy mother! No soliciters, no delivery persons ... I will hunt you down and run you over with my stroller (and it has big rubber wheels) ... if you are lucky I'll only run you over once. For those of you who have been to my house, you understand that the doorbell triggers a symphony of bark from our chihuahua's which in turn startles Kelty. Anyway ... onto happier things ....

We've had a pretty low-key week. Yesterday was our playgroup; Kelty and I drove over to Meghan's home this week. Despite my attempts to get there on time I was 1/2 hour late due to the "great white polo shirt hunt" for Kelty. Sersiously, why is it so hard to find some plain clothes for a child (yes, this is coming from me who loves to dress her son in stripes and polka dots). I drove around Tuesday trying to find a plain white polo to match a pair of shorts for Kelty. The Children's Place (TCP) had a few recently but they were sold out in Brandon. After getting home I called all the local TCP's to see who still had a few in stock. TCP at International Plaza had one left in stock which they kindly held for me until Wed morning ... which is where I was waiting when their doors opened at 10am ... which is why I was late to our 10:30 playgroup. Seriously ... all that effort for a plain white polo ... which turned into an additional plain blue polo, 2 pairs of cute pants, and a striped (yes, striped) layered polo ... at least I put the hat back! I'll take photos of Kelty in these little outfits as they week progresses. Here are a few photo's and video for your enjoyment.

Kelty riding on Jake and Ryan's little bus.

Evangeline pushing Jake ... Evangeline is practicing her walking!

Kelty playing with Ryan and Jake at the dance tower.

Kelty was giggly and loved having a tissue swept across his face.

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