Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tromping Through The Tulips

1st things 1st ... this week one of Kelty's classmates lost his mommy. I'm embarrassed to say that as we drop our kiddos off at "school" hardly do we take a moment to get to know each other ... most times we are in a rush to get onto our next event of the morning. The only interaction I've had with this family was email communication and an occasional call when the phone tree was activated ... but none the less ... I find myself breaking into tears. She was a teacher on-base and they had 3 young children ... she was 38. I cried when I saw Kelty's little classmate on Thursday ... as I looked at this little boy I knew he would not be going home to his mommy that night, I knew he would never feel her hug again, I knew he would probably never have a memory of his mommy. Next week I'll be bringing the kids their lunches so the dad doesn't have to worry about packing lunches for the kids ... I wish I could pack them a big, comforting hug. *sigh*

Well now, how to recover from that opening ... not quite sure how, so I'll keep it short and simple.
Blumen Schneiden! There are quite a few "cut your own" flower spots scattered along the roads here ... it's great! You'll come across a little field filled with a crop of flowers ... you cut them yourself and pay "on your honor". This is tulip season!!

After I picked Kelty up from "school" last week, I stopped by a nearby flower crop so we could pick some tulips ...

When we were done I counted up my flowers and dropped my Euro change into the can!


On the home front ... Kelty's latest "thing" is wearing his bicycle helmet ... all-day-long. In fact he went to bed holding his helmet the other night. He puts it on first thing in the morning and wears it most of the day, he even wears it in the car ... ha!

On Friday we had a school field trip to the zoo! Kelty was C-R-A-Z-Y! I was "that mom" who spent the entire trip chasing her child ... in fact I had other parents ask me if I wanted to stick Kelty in their stroller and they'd take their own child out. I politely declined and just tried to hold myself together. This little photo was taken while Kelty was showing off his mannequin pose ... a pose he hit on every-single-stump we came across.


  1. Beautiful pictures of Kelty in the tulips!
    So sorry about that other mommy. So sad. =(

  2. So sad about the other Mom! What a sad situation!

    I love the tulip pictures! And I think it is hilarious that Kelty is so attached to his helmet! Too funny!

  3. That pose is great! I love it! LOL

    I would love to have a pick-your-own flowers spot in Michigan. I would stop all.the.time. Those tulips are beautiful!

    And I teared up a bit over those kids loosing their Mom - so sad :(


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