Friday, April 16, 2010

I'll Take That To Go ...

There are days when I truly just can't keep up with Kelty. Last night I was cooking dinner ... Kelty ran into the kitchen, grabbed the container of Goldfish Grahams, and ...

... took those snacks to go!

... or maybe he just wanted to give them a ride.

Earlier that day I had one of those discipline moments where I ended up laughing instead of scolding. Yikes! Honestly, I forgot what Kelty was doing but I looked at him, pointed my finger and said "no" ... he looked up at me, pointed his finger and said "AH, YA, YA" at the top of his lungs. I apparently got that "flabbergasted" look on my face because he mimicked it right back! Boy, if he could "talk" who knows what he'd say! I know he's banking all this and one day Al and I are really going to be in for it! Ha!

Speaking of "talking" ... Kelty said his first "consonant, vowel, consonant" word the other day, without the pause to form each part independently. The word was .... "want". Whoohoo! We have to break down words for him so he can learn to form each sound, for example ...

Mommy: "wa"
Kelty: "wa"
Mommy: "n"
Kelty: "n"
Mommy: "t"
Kelty: "t"

The other day at speech therapy he connected each part together on his own! It was a huge success and we were ecstatic! The process his slow but steady ... it's a lot of work. We actually have to teach Kelty how to shape his mouth and make each sound; there are still sounds he can't make but we'll get there eventually.

On yet another note .. we were playing a memory match game the other day at home .. you know, you have a set of cards with pictures flipped over and then you flip them up one at a time and try to remember where the match is. To my amazement Kelty did this without prompting ... we had 12 cards out .. and he remembered and matched each and every one. I had forgotten to post this earlier (bad momma) but Kelty has been pedaling his bike for over a month now! Whoop!


  1. Yay Kelty! I wonder if teaching him words phonetically like you are will help when with reading and put him ahead of the game...

  2. A new follower from Friday Follow. Hope you can come by and follow back, have a good weekend!

  3. Oh, I have many of those days!!! I think it is all part of being a parent. There are moments that I just lift my hands up and look the other way. I think sometimes they just need to explore even if that means you just have to look the other way. Have fun with him and continue to take pictures because they grow up REALLY fast.

  4. A few comments: Congratulations, Kelty! It sounds like he is coming along! The silly things he's doing are SO cute. He's always been an independent thinker. Why eat from a box when you can dump the goldfish out in the bike and have them to go? It makes perfect sense.


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