Sunday, April 11, 2010

Great Day ... Crappy Ending

We had such a great day Saturday ... an afternoon of family yard work, play-time, and then ... we took Kelty to the barber shop on base to trim up his hair. Kelty sports the "long and shaggy look" sorta that "surfer dude" thing ... I love it. Anyway ... this is EXACTLY what I told the women cutting his hair, "I want the TINIEST bit of a trim ... I want to keep it long and shaggy". What we ended up with was a MULLET .... I'm not kidding you people!!!

Seriously, what the HECK kind of haircut is that!!!!

Do you see how she cut the sideburns???!!! One choppy cut straight across ... and then she kept going and chopped the hair that falls behind his ears!!!

Kelty's hair was totally "chopped", it looked like one of the classic "my kids got a hold of the scissors and cut his own hair". I was so upset .. unfortunately taking most of it out on Al since he's the one that wanted the trim in the first place (I later apologized after I cooled down).

We even had a fun evening planned that night ... we had a babysitter ... Al was going out for a "guys night out" and I was going over to a friends house for a "girls night in". We ended canceling our plans and I had to re-cut his hair and try to salvage what I could. I know it's just hair, but he's my little boy and this women destroyed his hair.

I hope it grows out fast, I want to cry every time I see Kelty's hair. But you know what ... Kelty doesn't care and I guess I shouldn't care so much either. :o)


  1. Jaime-i have to admit... I laughed. Yes it's a horrible hair cute-but his hair will grow back out and he's only 2. He doesn't care and i' pretty sure no one else will either, he's too cute to care. But your right, what the heck kind of hair cut is that? Did you fix it? just keep a hat on him it'll be okay :0P but you shouldn't have cancelled either of your nights out-his hair would have been okay for a day. i'm going to go back and look at the pics again and giggle about your 'what the heck' reaction.

  2. Good thing he doesn't mind hats! Yes, the cut is awful and I totally would have reacted the same way. We birthed these little people, it's our right to over react when we see fit at matters affecting them. Glad you calmed down and tried to salvage it.

    I think he looks like Paul McCartney circa Wings. Or like a member of The Monkees or The Kinks. It's very European.

    BTW, Tyrone can tell you many a stories: Beware of the barber shop on base!

  3. Oh my gosh, that looks horrible! Did she even trim the bottom??

    My mom cuts all of our hair around here for this exact reason LOL

  4. Oh my gosh...I would have freaked out!!! Apparently, this woman was just posing as a hairdresser, and obviously had NEVER cut hair before. SO sorry your little guy had to endure it. Good thing he's too young to care....glad you could fix it. Next time you'll be able to do it yourself!



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