Friday, April 2, 2010

Awarded ...

I recently received TWO blogger awards (ok, one of them was early March).

Alexia over at The Mommy Rambles gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award! Thanks so much Alexia ... and I'm sorry that it took me over 3 weeks to pass it along. Alexia and I met through the blogging community! We visit each others blogs frequently and she always leaves the sweetest comments! She posts a lot of great book reviews and shares some really tasty recipes ... in between she'll "ramble" about other great things going on in her life with her 2 kiddo's.

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Michelle over at The Travis Life passed along the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award! Thanks Michelle! Michelle and I met while our husbands were stationed at MacDill AFB in Tampa! Our husbands were deployed together while we were both prego ... but we didn't know eachother yet! Al would tell me during our phone conversations about Adam and his wife Michelle who was also prego and due at the same time ... telling me we needed to get together and meet when they get back from their deployments. Well ... we did meet ... and were friends from that point on! We went to "birthing classes" together and "breast-feeding classes" ... we had our children exactly one week apart ... both by unplanned c-sections! We confided to each other our triumphs and struggles as first-time moms as we were both also transitioning to the life as a stay-at-home moms!

The rules of this award are:
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So .. I'm combining the two and sharing 10 things about myself. At the bottom I've nominated a few friends for each award!

Here we go! ...

1) I reminisce about my dance/performing days at Disney ... EVERY day. I miss is dearly and feel a lot of ache in my heart that those opportunities are in my past and will most likely not be a part of my future (except when I make it back once a year to perform and keep my status and show approvals!) ... but that's not the same as doing it every day!

2) I think I'm addicted to blogging. Time either writing my blog or catching up on some of my favorite blogs is somewhat of a midday escape for me ... it makes me feel connected to the outside world!

3) When I go to bed each night and reflect on my day, I rate each day as a "good mommy day" or a "bad mommy day". Good mommy days are when I feel like I've done most everything "right" ... bad mommy days are when I feel like I've let my little guy down (maybe I wasn't patient enough or didn't have enough 1 on 1 play time).

4) I ONLY use WHITE paper towels and napkins. I cannot have "patterned" paper towels in my kitchen ... it drives me nuts. Occasionally Al will pick up " patterned" paper towels and I will give him the look from hell. They immediately go downstairs as with the cleaning supplies and never see my countertop. I know ... it's weird.

5) I've always envisioned having 3 children! Right now we are content with our one, amazing little kiddo ... it scares the heck out of us thinking of having another child right now ... as we know how exhaustively hard it is to raise just 1 child! I carry around a lot of guilt for considering letting Kelty be an only child.

6) I'm a Captain in the AF Reserves. Most of my friends know this, but if you've met me through blogging ... it's not something I really talk about!

7) My career hopes for the future: Continue to teach dance and own/operate my own studio. Complete a master's degree ... I have no idea in what ... I'd love to get it in the dance field but I don't know that my body can handle it anymore! Al and I would like to own/operate an all inclusive lodge that offers expeditionary trips .. hopefully in Alaska, Colorado or even Washington.

8) I look forward to the day when Al and I can rock-climb and do some mountaineering with Kelty! I can't even begin to tell you of all the hopes I have of all of us out backpacking and rockclimbing together!

9) I was blessed with an AMAZING childhood. I was raised in a strict household but it was filled with A LOT of love and support! I pray that one day Kelty loves me the way I love my parents! My parents are pretty awesome!

10) I mourn the death of my grandparents every day. I miss them. We were so blessed to have them in our lives for so long and that they were a HUGE part of our life.

Ok, well ... I think some of these may have been a little more sober than I was expecting but apparently I may be a little emotional right now ... and no, I'm not prego. Ha!

And the awards go to ....

Beautiful Blogger Award:

Michelle @ The Travis Life: You hit me with the Fabulous Sugar Doll Award but I'm hitting you back with the Beautiful Blogger Award ... you must tell us more!

Megan @ The Guttman Adventures: Awesome mommy of twin boys! Our husbands were stationed together at MacDill as well! We formed a great bond during our weekly playgroups. She has some amazing mothering skills and is so hands-on with her twin boys ... no small feat!

Katey @ The Frost Family: Another fabulous mommy that we met during our playgroups at MacDill. She's raising the sassiest little cutie-patootie girl! Another mom who always has her act together!

Rachel @ Shawn and Rachel: My sis! Rachel is still practicing "frequent" blogger updates! She has a good excuse ... wife, full-time job by day, fitness instructor and personal trainer by night .. and in school to be a physical therapy assistant!

Daneen @ By Love For Glory: Daneen is one of my old college roomates! We graduated way back in '98! Whoa! Daneen is an established Aerospace Engineer who has turned her life to serving the lord and spreading the word of the bible in Africa. She served in Peace Corps and is now getting ready to head back to Africa with Scripture Union!

Carolyn @ The Illusion of Control: Carolyn and I met while performing at Disney together! We were cast in Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade and Fantasmic! together. We really got to know each other well during some loooooong Fantasmic rehearsals ... she is such a beautiful person ... inside and out!!

Stacey @ Fun To Craft: Stacey and I met through blogging! She has a great blog ... you should visit! I really enjoy her posts and the sweet and frequent comments she leaves back over here!

Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award:

MJ @ The Muses of a Bug: MJ! We were partners in crime at Disney during our "Town Square" days at the Magic Kingdom. So many fond memories! She was such a huge supporter of my dreams and ambitions at Disney! She's one of those people whom you feel you were destined to meet!

Gwen @ The Green Family: Gwen and I met through our neighbors Tina and Jordan while we lived in Tampa. Gwen is so sweet and gushes over her new baby boy over at her blog! Gwen is balancing life as a mom working outside the home!

Amanda @ Imperfectly Beautiful: I just adore Amanda! We met through blogging ... she is so creative and has an awesome blog filled with GREAT ideas! We found out after several emails and blog chatter that we are both military spouses!

Alexia @ The Mommy Rambles: Alexia hit me with the Beautiful Blogger Award and I talked about her a bit at the beginning of the blog ... I really enjoy hopping over to The Mommy Rambles and seeing what she has posted to share ... and I always look forward to her kind comments!

Ok ladies ... get to it ... spill some scoop!


  1. First I'm going to apologize that this isn't in any particular order. Congratulations on the blogger awards. They are well deserved. Raising one child is hard, having more than one is easier. We know you, don't be so hard on yourself. You can not have a bad Mommy day. I didn't know they still made white paper towels, that were thicker than tissue paper. Alaska....hummm.

  2. You should have seen how long it took me to post the Beautiful Blogger Award when I won had to have been a month or more!

    Blogging/reading blogs is my escape too - the bad thing is, once I'm blog-hopping I lose track of time and don't get anything done! LOL

    I've heard that having kids farther apart (as in, one is potty-trained and capable of doing things for himself) is easier because you're not dealing with to "babies" at one time. I wouldn't know....mine are 14 months apart LOL I can tell you that the first year and a half with 2 kids that close was a little frantic and I don't remember much! :D (except the diapers...there were alot of diapers...)

    Thanks for the compliments, they made me smile! Hopefully I'll get this award up quicker than I did the last one!

  3. I agree one child is a lot harder then two and three is a lot harder then four. I have also learned that the five and a half years between Manni and Isabella is too big of an age difference. For example Manni wants to go on the big water slides while Isabella wants to stay on the smaller ones. Emanuel does not like going to little kids things like McDonald's were Isabella and Gabriele are in Heaven. having them too close i.e. Gabriele and Donato is not the best thing because you feel like a chicken with there head cut off running around. Isabella and Gabriele almost three years apart was PERFECT.
    I agree with Mom and Dad C. you don't give yourself enough credit. I could never do what you do with the crafts, work, and Kelty. I am lucky I can iron on the stuff I have gotten off you let alone sew an outfit!!! Just accept that some days are harder then others and move on. I have learned that I screw up some way or another every day I just try not to make the same mistake twice. I also have prepared myself for my children to come to me one day and blast me with all the horrible things I did to them. The only thing I can think of is what my mother told me, "I'm sorry that I did it that way and if I could go back and re-due it I would. But I did the best that I could at the time it happened with the best of intentions." So just relax and enjoy Kelty!!!
    Oh, and I love to read blog it puts a smile on my face!! Thanks for putting so much effort into it!!!

  4. Hehe...I've given you the Sunshine Award:


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