Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter ++

Whoa ... it took me like 5 days to write this post and then I decided to delete it, simplify it and move on! Here is the wrap on our eventful Easter weekend!

Saturday we took Kelty to base for the flying squadron's Childrens Easter Party. They did a really nice job with the party ... we had brunch, followed by games and crafts ... and though we didn't stay for the egg hunt (Kelty was terrified of the Easter bunny) we had a really nice time! Saturday night we colored our Easter eggs ... Kelty loved it.

Making a hand print craft at the squadron

Coloring Easter eggs

Rubbing on an Easter egg tattoo ...

Sunday was jammed packed ... church followed by church brunch followed by brunch with friends followed by an Easter candy hunt with our neighbors Heinz and Evi! It was a great family day!

Kelty's Easter Basket ... more like an Easter table!
The Easter Bunny left a trail of candy-filled eggs from Kelty's bedroom door, all the way down the stairs and leading up to the table.

Whoa! The Easter Bunny even left some sweets and things for Mommy and Daddy!

The hunt begins!

Kelty had so much fun finding his eggs!

After the egg hunt we enjoyed a little craft time. A few weeks ago my friend Michelle posted about her daughter enjoying drawing with dobbers! I had never thought of that! That same day I hopped on-line and ordered a set for Kelty ... they came just in time for the Easter Bunny to add them to his Easter basket! I caught a picture of Kelty drawing straight lines ... I was pretty impressed that he started doing this on his own.

Ready for church!

Handsome Daddy and Son!

Our neighbors, Heinz and Evi hid candy and an Easter basket in their back yard for Kelty!! Kelty loved it and Heinz and Evi really enjoyed Kelty's excitement! He was so very cute!

He took every piece of candy out of their basket and put in his own basket ... he left the Easter grass behind too!

So what have I been up to which has resulted in a sadly neglected blog? Filling Etsy orders! Almost every night I have either been filling custom orders or responding to customer requests for wholesale/large quantity pricings. I've had a couple orders this week that were for 30 - 40 letters each and I recently responded to an inquiry for 90 letters!

This week I also finished up the last of my physical therapy (yeah, I never told you about the physical therapy I've been doing for my wrecked ankle ... the one I injured back in October!!), Kelty is still undergoing speech therapy twice per week and we've met a nutritionist to help with Kelty's diet (reserved for a later post) ... and ... he also has "food therapy" added onto his speech therapy appts. Needless to say ... it's been hectic. I'm looking forward to "some kind of normal" again soon. Don't worry ... I'll catch you all up to speed on Kelty's food therapy and nutrition stuff in a later post.

Thanks for hanging in there with us!


  1. I still haven't gotten my Easter post up yet ... or even dyed the eggs I was planning on doing with the boys LOL

    It looks like Kelty had just as much fun as my bys did with the egg-hunting! You can't go wrong with candy-filled eggs

  2. Thanks for sharing with us!!! It is so nice to see the cute pictures of Kelty I just wish we lived closer so the boys could get to know each other.

    How exciting it must be having your Etsy page take off again!!! I know I just love the ease of the letters.

    So you have to let us know what has been going on with Kelty and his diet. If it is what I am thinking it is Manni had to do the same thing. Keep us posted on our cute little Kelty!!!


  3. Looks like you had a fun Easter!

    I know Kelty had always been a picky eater...I'm interested to hear what's going on and the whole thing about "food therapy" never heard of it.

  4. I love the 'Ready for church' photo of you and Kelty. Also, I myself have had a hankering for some Easy Cheese on crackers lately. The last thing I want to say is, Whoa! Those straight lines are awesome!!! Very impressive! Thanks for sharing, I know your free time is limited.


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