Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pain in My Butt ...

No seriously!  Last Monday I woke up with horrible lower-back pain; something was out of whack ... it has migrated down into my right "cheek" and hip.  I've given up on the Motrin and dug out some leftover percocet from my c-section recovery ... yeah, apparently I don't clean out the medicine cabinet enough ... or I do but just keep the "good stuff".  Anyway ... it temporarily relieves the pain but after the meds wear off, so does any relief.  It's been a week so if it doesn't get any better in a couple days I guess I'll go to my PCM ... ugh.

We are wrapping up a nice 3-day weekend, we kept this weekend low-key ... did some nature-walking, took Kelty to the park, worked on a craft/home project, watched movies every night and now I'm trying to get Al to go to IKEA.  Ha!  I may lose that battle!  I'm also desperately trying to figure out my new "MacBook" that Al surprised me with.  My issues right now are with IPhoto .... not quite sure if I want to use it for organizing the photos ... the application has some great features but right now I find those extra's a little frustrating.  I also needed a new mac-compatible photo editing program so I purchased Photoshop Elements (my friend Michelle T. will be happy to hear that!).  So I'm dealing with a lot of computer changes that right now I find frustrating and confusing .... that's why posting is slow!  "Safari" the internet browser that Mac uses does not support the "compose" function in Blogger!  Hello!  I had no way of uploading photos and video's, etc.  So I had to download Firefox and change some settings in Blogger to get all my Blogger editing options back.  Let say my "potty-mouth" emerged this weekend while working from my new computer!

Helping Daddy takes his boots off

Running at the playground.  Oh!  We "met someone" at the park!  We were the only ones there and a mom with her 17-month old son and 3-year old daughter came to play.  Kelty bonded with the little kiddo's and the mom and I had a really nice conversation ... we traded numbers and we're going to set-up future play-dates!  

On a little nature-walk

In his new "Indian River" sweatshirt ... thanks Nana and Papa!  I think Autumn is in the air!  We are soooo excited!

My latest project ... our Family Tree!  The tree is over 5ft tall.

This evening I'll make a dedicated post about the Family Tree under my "crafts" tab.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your back pain. If it is in the same place that you had the needle from your c-section heat wraps and stretches help a lot. Kelty is getting so big!!! Next time you all are in the states you have to come and visit us! The kids would have a blast together!!! The tree is WONDERFUL, I wish I had the patients you had to do something like that!!! Oh, and the Mac is a bit of a pain to get use to but once you know your way around it is a wonderful computer. I have a Mac book that I use when Jason is on the desktop!!

  2. Photoshop, woo hoo!!
    Can't wait to see what you create!

  3. Well I think it's your sciatic nerve that's giving you the trouble. Be sure to stretch daily (even if it's just for a few minutes) and I know this is going to sound wacky - tonic water. Take a few sips of tonic water (about a half cup) before bed. It helps a lot.


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