Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Too Soon for Backpacks and Lunchboxes

I thought this day wouldn't come for another 3 years; but this is just another reminder that time is fleeting. I go back to my part-time military career and Kelty starts "school/daycare" in October ... sigh .... tear ... sniff ... waaa!

I start pulling Reserve duty again in October and because I am now assigned to an active duty unit whose work week is M-F, that means my duty falls during the week as well. Fortunately my schedule is what I make it (as long as I work the required number of days per year). Unfortunately since I haven't pulled duty since Jan ... I am WAY behind and will have to work at least 2-days per week through December in order to meet my commitment. That meant I had to find childcare outside the home. Can I just say what an emotional and fearful step this is for me ... the thought of leaving Kelty in someone else's care terrifies me.

We did our research; the CDC on-base has a waiting list of several HUNDRED children ... the Montessori school does not take children under 3 ... German Kindergarten starts at 3 ... I quickly ruled out FCC (family childcare provider who runs day-care out of their home - NO WAY - one women watching 5+ kids on her own all-day does not seem safe to me; besides the fact she would not provide references seemed to be a red-flag) ... that left us with one very good option ... a children's academy. We visited the academy today, met with some of the staff, reviewed schedules, etc. and we are very happy with what they will be offering Kelty. Another perk is that we were able to get him into the part-time program ... 2-days a week. I guess that's not so bad! I'm still a SAHM 5-days a week. :o)

This means in a few short weeks I will be dropping Kelty off with his backpack and lunchbox. His drink and snack cups clearly labeled and a change of clothes in his backpack. I've already ordered the personalized labels for all his gear now we'll be on a search for a backpack and lunchbox ... daddy wants to get Kelty "Cars" themed gear ... I on the other hand wanted to "craft" a personalized lunchbox for Kelty ... I think I'll let Daddy win on this one.

In other news ... the base hosted its Annual International Bazaar this weekend. Hundreds of vendors from around Europe brought their goods. Al watched Kelty while my friend Chrissy and I did some shopping. I bought some awesome wine, one of which is gluwhine ... which you drink warm. I also bought some AMAZING German chocolate and cheese from Holland. Can't wait to share some of it with visitors! If you want some of the chocolate you might want to fly over now because I don't think it will last. Also bought some COOL gifts ... yup, can't talk about those!

Our nature walk on Sunday

We let Kelty drive his 4-wheeler and collect nuts along the way to feed the deer. You can imagine how slow of a walk this was ... every nut he saw on the grounds warranted a stop.

I made homemade play-doh on Friday (go read about it under my Tot! link). At one point Kelty kept making this face and I asked "what are you doing?" ... he pointed to the play-doh face he made. I was so busy building my own play-doh creation that I didn't even realize what he made ... he did the entire play-doh face himself ... including the circle!

Kelty's little play-doh face ... my little Picasso? LOL!

Kelty climbs up into his carseat by himself now ... the other day he decided he was too big for his carseat and climbed into the other seat ... with his ball. Silly boy!


  1. Kelty will a just quickly to daycare!!! At first he might scream and cry but don't prolong it; just give him a hug and kiss and leave. I bet with in a few minutes of you leaving he will stop crying and start playing with the other kids. Call them if you are concerned about leaving him crying or stand outside his door (just make sure he can not see you) and wait till he stops:o) Really try not to worry he will have a blast with the other children!!! Any who, love the play-doh face Kelty made!!! Nikki:o)

  2. I have to admit I scrolled right through and looked at the pictures first, then went back and read..I love the play-doh face.

    Thanks for the smile, your blogs usually always make me smile!

  3. Kelty will be fine,you are the one who will be tramatized for a short while after leaving him with someone. It will get easier after you see how much he enjoys the socialization. I just want to run away from home and come to take care of him! If I could squeeze the computer to give him a hug it would be totaly damaged.
    That smile is so beautiful. Kelty ,I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh boy! I had a hard time leaving the boys for 1-2 hours at the Y. I know how you feel! It sounds like a nice thing for all of you. You'll get a little break and have adult time while Kelty will have a ton of new friends to make! It will be very hard those first few times, but will get better! I'm amazed by the play doh face!! My boys can't figure out the cookie cutters yet. Oh and Jake has started climbing out of his car seat if he isn't buckled in. Yikes!

  5. Thanks for following and stopping by! Your son is darling!


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