Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Come and Play"

The Sesame Street USO Tour came to Ramstein Wednesday! Our tickets were for the afternoon show so we were able to include daddy in the action! Kelty was ready and geared-up with the "Elmo hands" that Nana and Papa sent him a few weeks ago. The show was about a 1/2 hour long, the perfect length for little ones and of course it was full of singing and dancing. Once Kelty got over the initial shock of the life-sized Elmo and Cookie Monster (his favorites) he stood up and clapped and danced along. He had that open mouth, wide-eyed look the entire time show ... it was pretty darn cute!

Unfortunately I didn't get any really good pics ... we were sitting really close to eachother on the mat in front of the performance area ... which did not lend itself to good photo ops but it was a great close-up fun! Here's what I was able to get ...

Waiting outside to enter the hangar for the show .... Kelty was obviously not too fond of the life-size poster. He warmed up a little later and went back to see the Cookie Monster and Elmo.

Clapping along with Elmo ... and safe in Daddy's lap.

We were sitting on the floor at the front of the mat .. here is a little action shot of Elmo and Rosita. The performance theme is dealing with a mommy/daddy that have to "go away" ... it's tailored to help children cope with a mommy or daddy that have to deploy in the military. Thanks USO and Sesame Street for bringing this performance to us!

On a side note ... this was a different perspective for me! For a long time I've been on the "other side" performing ... so being on the receiving end was a little heartwrenching. I felt that "hey! look over at my child" feeling that so many parents feel when they want to create a special moment for their child. I can't wait to get back to Disney and perform next year (I have to in order to keep my "seasonal" status and show approvals).


  1. LOVE Sesame Street Live! So glad Kelty got to see it =)

  2. That's AWESOME Kelty was able to go!! We took Isabella to see Elmo Grow's a Garden and she had a blast. Thanks for all the updates!!!

    Nikki and Family

  3. Glad you liked the donuts!! We loved Elmo and had that same crying response. gotta love em!!


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