Thursday, September 10, 2009

All About Kelty

As if this blog wasn't really about Kelty normally, I thought I'd share with you a few of the things he loves "so much" and "not so much" ...

So Much!

Blueberries, Tangerines, Raisins (new), Yogurt, Graham Crackers, Peanut Butter, MILK, Spaghetti, Chocolate (ok, sometimes I share my Hershey bar with him!), Chicken Nuggets, Salami, French Fries, Nectarines, Peas, Ice Cream, Cheerios, Goldfish Crackers, Bananas

Trains, Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Airplanes, Balloons, Bubbles, Balls, Whistles, Peg Board Games, Books, Big Blue Car and Train to ride on, Step Stools, Blocks, Elmo Tickle Hands, Shoes, Trecking Poles, Stickers

Elmo, Sesame Street, Backyardigans, Disney/Pixar Cars Movie

Snuggling in blankets, Hiding under pillows, Throwing himself in a pile of pillows, Throwing rocks in the Koi Pond, Running around on the playground, Slides, Jumping, Climbing stairs, Throwing toys at the dogs (sigh), Baths, Showers, Hugs, Kisses, Teardrop (his stuffed dog he sleeps with), Blankie, Walks in his backpack carrier, Looking at our blog and pictures of his friends on their blogs, Greeting daddy coming home from work, Blowing raspberries, Smashing food in between his hands (grrr), Blowing Bubbles and chasing them

Not So Much!

Mac-n-Cheese, Cheese, Chicken (unless it's a nugget), Meat (most meats), Carrots, Broccoli, geez ... this could go on and on. Basically the only things he will eat are in the "So Much" food list!

Finding Nemo (seriously, he's scared of it!)

Any animal toy that suddenly "comes to life", Most activities that require him to sit still, Getting his ears cleaned, Brushing his teeth, Diaper changes, Going to the store (sigh), Most car rides, "Time-Out" in the corner, Mommy on the computer


  1. He always look so happy! He's definitely all boy...Jumping? Climbing Stairs? Throwing himself in a pile of pillows...he's certianly living up to his name!!

  2. Such a cutie! Your whole family is gorgeous!


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