Monday, August 10, 2009

When in Rome (Part 2)

Oops ... sorry this took so long to post! I'm trying to write this post with Kelty bouncing on my legs so let's see how it turns out ...

Our excursion to Vatican City (St. Peter's Basilica, St. Peter's Square and the Vatican Museum) was amazing! Al and I both agreed we should have brushed up on our history and invested in the guided tour ... there was so much to see it was overwhelming! We started this outing with St. Peter's Basilica and St. Peter's Square ... we had read to go after 12:30 (after the tour groups and early morning tourists had come and gone) and I think that was good advice. We waited maybe 30 minutes to get into the Basilica. After that we walked to the entrance of the Vatican Museum which usuallly has a line up to 2 1/2 hours ... we went around 3pm and literally walked right in! Score! There is actually "one way" the traffic flows through the 4+ miles of the Vatican Museum ... however, in our attempt to find an elevator to take us up to the 2nd floor we ended up right in the Sistine Chapel! Someone had told Al to "take the exit to the right ... where the tour groups go" this ended up being "the exit" and we ended up skipping the ENTIRE MUSEUM! This "exit" dumped us out right into the Basilica where the tour groups transition into the 2nd portion of their tour! I guess that warrants a return trip to Rome! Onto the photo's ...

St. Peter's Square

Standing in St. Peter's Square looking at the St. Peter's Basilica

Kelty and Al walking in the Basilica

We had to "plug" Kelty as he thought the Basilica made a great echo chamber ... he also thought the chamber with the Popes' tombs made a great echo chamber!

The Tomb of Apostle Peter ... the Basilica is built up around the tomb. The steps down lead to the chamber with the others Popes' remains. On a side note ... if you watch the movie "Angels and Demons", you'll see all this too!

Sooo ... as I referenced above, we had to "plug" Kelty with his pacifier. The Basilica has these beautiful in-laid grates .... Kelty thought it would make a great resting place for his paci.

See it? Right there ... bottom center of the pic ... "O Holy Paci"! It is still there ... we couldn't get it out! Ha!

The Sistine Chapel ... to my dissapointment I only took 2 pictures! Al and I both stood there and just gazed at the ceiling. The frescoes actually looking like they are coming out at you ... something we didn't really expect.

There it is! "The Creation of Adam"

So bummed it turned out so dark. :o(

One last pic ....

Kelty had Al and I laughing hysterically at this ... taken during an attempt at lunch!


  1. LOL...that is hysterical that you lost the paci!
    I saw Angels and Demons too, it would be so cool to see all those places in "real life!"
    Awesome vacation!

  2. Love the pictures! What an experience! Stinks you too a quick exit out of the museum but good attitude!

    The last on of Kelty is hilarious! ha!


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