Friday, August 28, 2009

Chasing the Garbage Man ...

It's 6am, Al and I hear the "Bio Truck" coming up the hill ...

Jaime: "Al, did you take the Bio out last night?"

Al: "No!"

Jaime: "S**t!"
I proceed to run down 3 flights of stairs in my PJ's (which is an adult romper, onesie ... by the way) and of course bra-less and sprint outside .... they already passed us! I grab the bio bin and starting running up the hill ... Al runs out, chases down the truck and .... they make a special stop and take it! Thank-you German Bio Trash Guys! In case you're wondering why it was so important ... Bio only gets picked up twice a month. This Bio bin contains ALL food scraps, used napkins, biodegradable stuff and yard waste. Trust me ... you don't want food scraps hanging out in this bin longer than neccessary!

I prepped for our weekend-excursion to Paris yesterday and therefore stayed home all day. Kelty and I spent a good chunk of time outside in the yard ... we've been working pretty hard lately to get our yard and koi pond in shape for Kelty .. this includes me going on "poop patrol" daily to pick up the dog poo so it doesn't end up on our shoes ... one more thing on my "to do" list during Kelty's nap time.

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  1. Kelty is getting so big!!! Your yard looks WONDERFUL by the way!! I wish we had a little pond in the backyard:o)


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