Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'll Regret This In The Morning ......

It's almost midnight ... I'm tired but overcome with guilt for not posting in a week .... so here is my "late-night" blog post for your enjoyment. Please overlook any grammatical errors, as I'm in a bit of a fog.

It's been normal day-to-day stuff around here for the last week. Everyday I wake up with hopes of having at least one fun outing with Kelty but for whatever reason I find myself "pooped-out" ... I've started taking a multi-vitamin ... let's kick-start mommy in the morning!

We've spent most of our free-time working on various projects around the house ... those will be highlighted in a their own post. A LOT of yardwork, some craft projects and home improvement stuff.

Here are a few cute pics from the last few days ....

That's the best tastin' pickle I ever heard .....

Kelty loves the shower .... every once in a while we surprise him with a shower instead of a bath.

Luckily he hasn't turned the sprayer on us ..... I have a feeling it's only a matter of time.


  1. Love the picts:o) Kelty looks so cute playing in the shower!! Sorry to hear you don't feel too well!! Are you sure you are not Prego?

  2. Cute Pictures! Yea..there's no stopping him after he figures out how fun it is to get "mommy" all wet too! Thanks for the post.

  3. We have this thing that suction cups to the side of the tub and has a tube that goes into the water. It has a button that a child can press to make the water come out of the top like a shower. We got it from Piper loved it, you sould check it out!


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