Thursday, August 27, 2009

The New Digs!

Check out our new digs!

So .... I came across April Showers Blog Designs back in Feb when we were mid-PCS! I fell in love with her portfolio ... especially the custom illustrations ... plus I really got a kick out of her posts (she's got quite the sense of humor) ... I don't know whether to add her site to "Great Sites I Visit" or "Blogs to Make You Laugh"! Finally after getting settled in Germany and watching in horror as her "wait list" grew and grew and grew ... I finally submitted a request for a blog makeover. After waiting 2 months for "my turn", April and I started coordinating on a blog design. I sent her pictures of Al and I, Kelty, Pogo and Piper and a description of what I was hoping for ... think "The Sound of Music". Her first draft was pretty spot-on but also inspired a few changes, like the grapevines (we live in the heart of the wine region) and I decided to add the menu bar to expand my blog and keep it organized! April is finishing up our "button" and then we'll be set!

I'm in love with the cartoon illustration of the family ... and Pogo and Piper are super cute! Kelty loves to look at the blog and point us all out separately ... he actually identifies Pogo from Piper!

Speaking of April and her blog designs ... she is hosting a FREE GIVEAWAY for a Custom Blog Layout! Follow the photo link and read her "Finally A Giveaway" post ... just add a comment and you'll be entered!

Keep your eyes peeled as I continue to tweak and build-up the "secondary" pages ... I've already started: they are formatted and have little descriptions of the pages along the right column .... the left columns will remain consistent throughout each page for ease of navigation and "cleanliness".

I also think I know why I am addicted to blogging now .... besides the fact that it keeps family and friends across the globe updated on our lives ... it's also my way of staying connected to the "outside world"! Building a network of friends in a foreign country has proven to be a bit more challenging than I anticipated ...

P.S. We are heading to Paris tomorrow! Wish us luck on the 4-hour car ride with Kelty! I hope the 2-years of French I took, ummmm ... 15-years ago ... gets us through the trip!

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  1. Have fun in Paris and we look forward to the new blog:o)


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