Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sorrento continued ....

We returned from our vacation this morning but didn't have internet in Rome so I am behind! I'll catch up on Sorrento today and post about Rome on Monday and Tuesday ... little bits at a time or it will be too long to read and enjoy .... so ..... Sorrento continued .....

A Glimpse Of Sorrento
You saw in my previous post on Sorrento how breathtakingly gorgeous it was ... pictures don't even do it justice ... it's just simply beautiful! Beyond the shoreline/skyline views ... the town and the architecture is just as amazing. Once you get beyond the chaotic scooter driving ... take a breath ... you can't help but slow down and soak it all in. **A side note on driving ... 1 word for driving in Sorrento (and Rome) ... CRAZY! I've never seen or experienced anything like it. Scooters have the priority and to say they dominate the road would be an understatement. There are no traffic lights in Sorrento, despite the multitude of intersections ... you just push your way through traffic and go ... don't hesitate, don't pause, just GO! Scooter hits for Sorrento equalled 1 ... no worries, no injuries. These scooters swerve around you in swarms (on both sides of the car).

They travel with their dogs ... and babies! No kidding, we saw a 4-person family packed on a scooter ... scooters with babies sitting in between the parents ... scooter with pets ... you name it!

A dog on siesta

A nicely decorated balcony

Sorrento at night ... they close the road so you can roam through the shops ... free of scooter dodging!

An evening shot from our balcony

Out In Sorrento

A few snapshots of our time spent out roaming Sorrento. We were able to walk everywhere from our hotel, it was convenient and Kelty did great on the stroller walks the entire trip. Sitting out in a restaurant ... totally different story! Here is a peak at a few of our outings ...

We took Kelty to "the beach" one afternoon ... this beach was down the cliff from our hotel. We swam in the little area between the boats and collected broken pieces of mosaic from the water.

One of the lemon groves. Sorrento is known for its lemons ... they have their own "lemon" that only grows in this region ... it's "pulpy" and supposed to be great for marmalade's.

An attempt at lunch ...

A later attempt at dinner ...

Pure Joy

These are some of the really nice moments we had. All things considered, Kelty did great! We found out REALLY fast what he was and wasn't up for. Like I said earlier ... eating out ... not one of them! Most of our meals were quick and spent trying to keep him quiet. In Sorrento especially, Al and I took shifts ... one of us would eat while the other walked around with Kelty and then we would switch off. Don't let the "family" shots of us at a restaurant fool you. :o) Al and I spent every evening drinking wine on the balcony and watching the sunset ... it was time well spent!

Kelty pushing his new toy through the shopping alley's

I quiet moment with Kelty

Kelty playing with a truck on the balcony .... with a yacht in the background!

Enjoying his own cone of Gelato ... he was so happy!

A nice moment to end our stay in Sorrento

If you missed the previous post ... don't forget to check out our trip to Pompeii and scenic views from our room!


  1. oh wow, the pictures are great! I love kelty's happy face while eating his Gelato! Great pic of Al on the balcony too!

  2. Looks wonderful and definitely some amazing photos of you all!

  3. Gelato face is priceless! Gorgeous photos of your gorgeous family in a gorgeous place.

  4. Breath taking pictures!!! Oh, and I just LOVE the picture of Kelty eatting his Gelato!!!


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