Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grrrr ... Mover's

Well, we are off to a rough start with the mover's. We had the 2nd group of mover's at the house yesterday and those fear's of "are these people going to take care of my stuff" all came flooding back. The guys were nice but VERY slow and didn't seem to care too much about what they were doing or how they were packing. This was our "storage" shipment ... things that will remain in storage while we are gone. So here were some of the issues ...
  • They broke one of my dance figurines!
  • We have a few sets of white, office storage boxes with removable lids ... they are nice little boxes that contain some books. Instead of packing those smaller boxes in their big boxes they wanted to wrap tape around my boxes. Well, the problem with that ... once we get the boxes back and remove the tape, the boxes are ruined. These are good storage boxes not throw-away cardboard boxes. Seriously!
  • Between Al and I, we have a lot of military plaques and framed military photos ... you know, the gifts that each unit gives you when you leave or plaques you recieve as an award. Typically each frame and plaque get's wrapped in paper and placed in a box ... they just started stacking them in a box ... no paper seperating the glass or anything! Hello! Al made them wrap and re-pack them.
  • We put our wakeboard and water ski's in storage ... they are already in sports bags but Al had them wrap them in cushion paper to prevent any dings, etc. The mover's were putting the shipment stickers on the bags and then wrapping them up and taping them closed ... as a result, the exterior of the package was no longer marked with our shipment stickers. Al stopped and ask ... how are you going to identify that these belong in our shipment if the stickers are on the inseide of the wrappers? They guys were like "oh, yeah" ... we wouldn't be able to identify that these were in your shipment". AHHHHHHH!

So anyway, I hope our main household goods packers are a little bit more experienced or else I'm going to have some serious anxiety issues!!!

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