Monday, January 19, 2009

Bloody Noses, Lips and a Party!

Kelty had the biggest of all his accidents on Friday ... ended up with a bloody nose, bloody mouth and a fat lip. Of course it happened under my watch while Al was at work and unfortunately I don't handle blood well. He was playing by our barstools (which is normal), I was taking pictures of his cuteness (which is normal) and then boom! he decided to do a flip over the center rod of the stool! Here is a photo taken just before big accident ...

Saturday we threw an Auf Wiedersehen party at the house; we had a really nice time! We tried to keep everything as German as possible ... German beer, some German wine, German cheeses, pickles and big soft pretzels, bratwurst, knockwurst, german-style pork chops with sauerkraut, red cabbage, mashed potato's and of course German chocolate cake and apple strudel for dessert. Thanks to our very dear friends for coming out to celebrate our upcoming move!

I was ordering cheese at the Publix deli ... the lady helping me held up the first slice and asked if it was too thick. I said "Yes, but if you slice it in half it will be perfect". When I got home and started prepping for dinner I had these nice "not too thick" slices of cheese until I got to this piece in the package (which was the 1st slice she showed me) ... she sliced it in half anyway!

A few of our guests ... (L-R) Michelle with Catherine, Adam, Lindsey, Al, Katey.

(L-R) Jordan, Freddie, Doris (the back of her head), A.D

Kelty decided to chase the girls and try to kiss them! It was sooooo cute! Kelty and Evangeline planted a kiss right on eachothers lips! I think Kelty kissed the back of her head a little later.

Catherine wanted kisses too!

Kelty ran over to try and kiss Bear, one of the little boys, but Bear was like "Whoa, dude!"

On Sunday Kelty and I met up with our friends Michelle and Megan plus the twins for a little shopping excursion at the Prime Outlets. We got some good deals on baby clothes! Yeah for baby clothes! I also bought a shirt for myself which I still feel guilty about ... o'well. While we were gone Al had the opportunity to do some more work on the house without interuption (until we got home and Kelty wanted to help fix the door). Kelty also ended up with another bloody, swollen lip after chasing and tripping over a ball in the house. I will be amazed if he keeps all his teeth!

Today Kelty and I are going on a stroller walk with some of the girls which will give Al another opportunity to work on the house without interuption!

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