Friday, January 16, 2009

Catch Up

I usually fall behind on our blog when I pull my military drill ... this month was no different. I was down at Homestead for 5-days this time around so it's no surprise I'm passed due! Unfortunately I have very few photos of the last week so I'll keep this entry short ... I know the pictures are the best part!

We have some great news .... we've rented the house! We met with the rental side of Coldwell Banker last Wed, listed the house for rent on Fri, had a showing on Sat ... they loved the house and submitted their application that day! The application cleared on Tuesday, we approved a change to the lease (they have 2 small dogs so we've decided to go pet-friendly). We drive out Jan 31st and they move in Feb 1st.
I hosted a stroller walk on Tuesday for our playgroup ... the weather held out but Kelty didn't. I had to skip the post-walk lunch but still enjoyed my time chatting with the girls and seeing the kiddos. On Tuesday we also emptied our storage unit and started separating our household goods! On Wednesday we had a dent removed from the Acadia, had a household goods walk-through and met with the pool guy that will be maintaining the pool for the renters. Today Al and I had our German driver's exam on base. We also did some maintenance work around the house today.

Kelty snuggling on the blanket Nana made for him ... the other side has sensory objects for him to play with and a cute little pocket. Thanks Nana for a great blanket!

Kelty trying to stand on his head and peak through his legs. Kelty has also started giving kisses this weekend while I was gone ... they are the sweetest!

Kelty helping daddy fix the sliding glass doors this afternoon. We let him screw in a screw today too (under our supervision of course).


  1. Woohoo! I'm so happy you have the house rented! I know that while it's not what you guys wanted it's a better alternative to letting it sit there.

    Let me know how the driver's test goes.

    Gosh you guys are busy, thanks for the update and the pictures, Kelty is so darn cute!

    Love You

  2. I seriously can't believe how busy you guys have been. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!
    Al told us you got a really good price from the renters! Awesome!


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