Friday, January 23, 2009

A Fantasmic! Night

Last night I was able to pick up a show at Disney ... I was so happy to be able to perform again before leaving. Fantasmic! performances are down to 2-nights per week due to park attendance and budgeting; however the guests have been lined up with complaints since they started this new schedule earlier this month. Guests have been waiting hours in line to see the show and thousands have been turned away once the theatre met full capacity (10,000). Last night we were asked to stay and perform 2 shows instead of the scheduled 1 ... heck ya! We had 2, full-houses!
Standing in the theatre before my call-time.

I found this photo that someone else had taken but I thought it was a great ... it really captures the enormity of the theatre. I wish I could take a photo from our perspective on the stage ... it's amazing!

The 2nd of 3 sets of movers come today. This is our non-temp storage ... these are the items we've decided to keep in FL in a storage facility. Most of our storage items are things like: non-dual voltage appliances, vacuum cleaners, boating equipment, etc. I'll dearly miss my Kitchen Aid ... can you beleive that's not dual voltage? I'd be able to use it with a transformer, however they are the size of kleenex and ruin the life the appliance. Wish us look with part 2 of our move!


  1. That's AWESOME that you got to do one more show before leaving:o)

  2. Yeah, I'm so happy that you were able to find a show to do!
    I'm sure it was a blast!
    Hope everything went well with the your house looking empty?? =(
    Talk to you soon!

  3. Aww..I know it must have been emotional performing your last show at Disney. I'm glad you stuck it out and finally were able to dance again. I get a little choked up for ya, I know how it must feel.

    On a different note, if there is anything you guys want Shawn and I to hang on for you we'll be happy to, especially if your worried about it in storage.

    About the anxiety of things being packed well, I'd make a checklist for the movers to go down and give you. :0)


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